Published On: Mon, Aug 19th, 2019

Daily horoscope for August 19: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast TODAY

Monday, August 19, has no major aspects occurring in your horoscope.The Moon is in Aries, which is a very dynamic and active position for doing things. You will consequently feel very energised and able to achieve your goals today.

The risks of an Aries Moon are we may feel more impatient and restless, or wish to confront others.

But the good news is the Moon has very good aspects with Mercury and Jupiter today.

These are all in Fire signs, meaning Monday sees a grand Trine in the Fire signs on Monday.

This is a great combination for communication and the expression of ideas.

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Marina Stoichkova, an astrologer from MarStars Astrology, believes the combination with Jupiter can allow us to expand your skills, achieve success in your activities and to be open minded.

She said: “It is a useful aspect for making plans and schedules, both in the long and short term.

“Mercury allows us to take smaller steps, helping us devise the details for achieving the long-term goals.

“Overall, this grand Trine can be very productive especially for careers, business, education and travelling.”

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The challenge for our horoscope on Monday is the Moon will Square the ringed planet Saturn.

We may notice a need to work harder and experience certain delays today.

The MarStars Astrology expert added: “This aspect can require us to be more grounded and patient.

“Disruptive energy takes place today as Mars finally breaks out of its place of Leo and enters the sign of precise Virgo.

“The best things to do today consequently involve participating in projects requiring attention to detail and a mindset meaning you will not stop until the task is completed.”

With Mars entering Virgo, careful care and concern can turn to health related matters.

The entire Virgo season is setting up to begin as the Sun enters Virgo on August 23, with Venus and Mercury preparing to transit in Virgo, too.

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