Published On: Wed, Aug 28th, 2019

Costco forced to close in hours after Chinese shoppers go crazy | World | News

Mainland China’s first Costco store was forced to close within hours after too many shoppers ploughed into the shop. Video footage showed shoppers scrambling for products as customers went crazy after the store opened in Shanghai on Tuesday. According to state media, the US chain, Costco Wholesale Corp, was forced to shut after crowds rammed through the doors.

Some customers were forced to wait for three hours in traffic jams just as the store was opening for the first time.

Videos which circulated on social media showed shoppers going crazy within the store.

Shoppers were seen battling and shoving each other as they reached for products, with one clip showers huge crowds for roast chickens.

Footage also showed huge queues in the shop – at a time of rising tensions between the US and China over trade.

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Local reports claimed police were deployed to try to help manage the huge crowds.

The retailer in a notice on its official app: “Due to overcrowding in the market, and in order to provide you with a better shopping experience, Costco will temporarily close on the afternoon of August 27. Please avoid coming.” 

One nearby school sent out an advisory to parents warning them about the traffic conditions.

The message said: “Please expect the student dismissal this afternoon to be severely delayed due to the grand opening of Costco Supermarket.”

Mr Trump said: “China called last night… said let’s get back to the table. So we’ll be getting back to the table.”

On Monday, Mr Trump tweeted: “Great respect for the fact that President Xi & his Representatives want ‘calm resolution’.

“So impressed that they are willing to come out & state the facts so accurately. This is why he is a great leader & representing a great country. Talks are continuing!”

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