Published On: Tue, Oct 29th, 2019

Christianity crackdown: Mobs shut down church service and claim ‘Christians not welcome’ | World | News

Pastor Ramesh Pargi, Pastor Shantilal Virabhai Kalaswa and his wife, were all attacked by eight thugs in the Jamboti village located in India’s Gujarat state. Pastor Pargi claims the trio were set upon on October 22, after travelling to pray in the village with a fellow Christian. He claims the worshippers were beaten with wooden sticks and told by the extremists that Christians were not welcome.

Pastor Pargi said: “They broke my body completely.

“As they beat me, they were repeating, ‘Do not come to our village either to visit or to preach – we do not want Christians to enter our village’.”

The Christian leader claims the group were attacked by the mob shortly after 8pm.

Pastor Pargi said: “The last thing I remember was that Pastor Shantilal’s wife was beaten by wooden sticks on her back.

“I was being beaten from all sides by wooden sticks.”

Pastor Pargi’s wife said she has been left “completely shaken” by the ordeal.

She added: “I am completely shaken after what happened to my husband.

“I have never seen or heard anybody beat someone to death for just visiting the sick and praying for them.”

The alleged attack has been reported to local police.

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astor Santosh Jaiswal said: “At least 6,000 were present for prayers, and within minutes the congregations scattered, and the police dismantled the stage and barricades

“I received information that I have been booked for insulting religious beliefs and for possessing arms.”

He added: “I have never spoken about any religions. I don’t possess any weapons.”

According to the Christian leader this is not the first time he has been harassed by radicals.

Pastor Jaiswal claims he was accused of teaching black magic during a Sunday ceremony.

He said: “About a week before, a Brahmin journalist came to Sunday worship with cameras.

“He videotaped the congregation lifting up their hands and praying, and some groaning as they were held by evil spirits, and he also interviewed some people who had experienced healing.

“Soon the local news media reported the prayers as black magic rituals, and that a Christian priest was promoting blind belief.”

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