Published On: Fri, Oct 4th, 2019

China’s Russian-backed missile warning system ‘drastically’ reduces warfare claims expert | World | News

China has joined forces with Russia to unleash its first-ever military missile detector – which has the ability to identify ground and sea-based intercontinental missiles. Since the Cold War only the US and Russia have had such systems, which involve an array of ground-based radars and space satellites. Russian President Vladimir Putin said the advanced military equipment will “radically enhance” Beijing’s defence.

Mr Putin told an international affairs conference in Sochi: “This is a serious thing that will drastically increase the defence capabilities of the People’s Republic of China.”

Viktor Murakhovsky Editor-in-Chief of the Arsenal of the Fatherland journal has said the new warning system has the potential to create a “backbone of stability” and reduce “unintentional incidents”.

The defence expert told Russian news agency TASS: “This is an element, which provides for better situational awareness, as they call it in the West.

“That is why, it the missile attack early warning system is, in principle, a backbone of stability and drastically reduces the possibility of unintentional incidents with missile armament.”

Igor Korotchenko Editor-in-Chief of the National Defense journal said the new missile detector uses Russian technologies – highlighting the strengthening of relations between the world superpowers.

He said: “The existence of the missile attack early warning system in China based on Russian technologies and solutions.

“Coupled with China’s strategic nuclear forces, improves transparency and predictability and reduces the risks of wrong actions and mistakes by the Chinese military and political leadership.”

Beijing and Moscow have developed increasingly close political and military ties.

Last year, Russia held its biggest military drills since the Soviet Union and invited China to take part.

Russia and China share a 4,200-km (2,600-mile) border.

The early warning system can detect enemy objects, but it does not have the ability to fire missiles.

Mr Murakhovsky added: “It has to be understood that the missile attack early warning system is a passive segment of anti-missile defence and has no offensive capabilities.

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The defence expert added: “If the US responsibly treats the issues of war and peace, if the US does not wish war, they should simply come up with an official statement and welcome such a decision.

“This is because this is beneficial and advantageous for all, because the nuclear powers are especially responsible for the destinies of war and peace.”

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