Published On: Sun, Sep 29th, 2019

China military latest: WW3 alert after China ‘takes down’ footage of supersonic missile | World | News

China appears to have accidentally leaked footage of an unidentified top-secret weapon in a social media clip. The Chinese military posted a video showcasing the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force ahead of celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. However, the film included a two-send clip of a mysterious missile with an unusual and bizarre design being fired from a launch truck.

Experts pointed out that the weapon appeared to be a never-before-seen supersonic cruise missile.

In the clip, the missile appears to have slim dorsal fins, foldable tail fins and additional propellant.

One expert suggests that these features suggest it is designed to fly long distances and faster than the speed of sound.

A munitions expert told South China Morning Post: “The new missile would probably have a range of more than 1,000km.”

There have already been indications that a number of previously unseen aircraft, missiles, and other systems will be present at the major parade in Beijing.

Earlier this month, a supersonic unmanned aerial vehicle was spotted cruising along the highway on the back of a PLA truck.

During a recent lockdown to prepare for the military parade, witnesses spotted advanced military technology being moved through the capital.

The tanks were spotted draped in new desert camouflage, raising speculation that Beijing could be considered a troop deployment.

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