Published On: Tue, Aug 13th, 2019

Carrie Symonds: Boris Johnson’s girlfriend copying Kate Middleton or Melania Trump?

Carrie Symonds, Boris Johnson‘s girlfriend, is taking on the rather difficult role that is being the partner of a world famous statesman.

Though she is a professional herself, forging a very successful career in political PR, it is likely – considering this role – Carrie is fully aware of the expectations for the partner of a political leader.

How will Carrie, a fashion fan, adapt her dress to fit the role? Will she take the lead from the likes of Kate Middleton and Melania Trump?

Was her recent pink dress taken from these style rule books of these prominent women?

Both Melania Trump and Kate Middleton have been spotted wearing bright pink on many occasions.

The bright colour is also a firm favourite of the Queen. All three women may opt for the hue when they want to stand out, as it is eye-catching.

It is also feminine but bold, a good choice for a royal woman or political bride.

Kate wore a very similar dress to Carrie’s to a recent polo game. This was a low key look for the Duchess, although she likely knew photographers would be taking pictures.

This dress was a coral hue, but Kate has worn pale pink and hot pink alike.

Melania has worn pink suits often in the past, which makes a bold statement. 

She additionally wore a bright pink pussy-bow blouse in public after Donald’s comments about touching women were caught on tape. It was widely considered to be some kind of statement.

So, is Carrie making like these two powerful women with her first and perhaps most important moment in the spot light so far outside Number 10?

Despite the similar gown and colours, a stylist thinks not.

The Ghost midi dress sent out several key messages. With its on trend midi style, it nevertheless portrayed a sense of modesty, with its high neckline and elbow length sleeves, softened by its beautiful feminine colours.

Caroline Wolf, who is a personal stylist for influential businesswomen and has styled members of international royal families told “With her choice of a Ghost dress for Boris Johnson’s recent arrival at No. 10 Downing Street, Carrie Symonds has shown without doubt that she is confident in her own personal style and is not someone to copy Kate Middleton or Melania Trump.”

However, she did state that Carrie is likely to have made some deliberate choices when picking this dress.

“The Ghost midi dress sent out several key messages,” Caroline explained.

Carrie seemed to be aware of her position as a girlfriend of a Prime Minister, and dressed accordingly.

“It wasn’t a statement or presidential dress such as a wife might wear, but one from the British High Street, costing an affordable £120.”

Stateswomen often wear brands from their own country, in a show of patriotism and perhaps a bid to benefit the UK economy, if there is an uptick in sales.

The gown was rather long, which the stylist found fitting for Carrie.

She added: “With its on trend midi style, it nevertheless portrayed a sense of modesty, with its high neckline and elbow length sleeves, softened by its beautiful feminine colours.”

As for the colour, Carrie did have standing out on her mind, the expert claims.

“Overall, Carrie’s entire look was one of informality and easy, casual sophistication, although the dress’ bold colours of red and pink positively demanded attention, particularly when surrounded by typical Downing Street colours of navy, black and grey.

“I’d be very surprised if this wasn’t a deliberate choice on Carrie’s part, to make sure she stood out and emphasised her personality, which is always important.”

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