Published On: Fri, Aug 16th, 2019

Carrie Symonds: Boris Johnson girlfriend should dress like this to support Prime Minister

Carrie Symonds has taken on the role of girlfriend of the Prime Minister, with all it entails.

She is a former political PR, and so is familiar with the pressures this sort of post involves.

How First Ladies dress is often the centre of fashion reports and comment pieces.

As representative of their nation, the wardrobes of First Ladies from all over the globe are though to make important statements.

For example, First Ladies are generally expected to wear clothes made or designed in the countries they are from. Whether high end of high street, this is a common theme. A such French First Lady Brigitte Macron often wears French brand Louis Vuitton.

Former US First Lady Michelle Obama wore adorable US brand J.Crew.

Melania Trump is a notable exception, as she often prefers European designers to American brands. She often wears Dior, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana.

The last UK First Lady, the wife of David Cameron Samantha, had a strong interest in fashion and how has her own brand.

She wore the likes of Paul Smith, a designer from Beeston and Preen.

So what should Carrie wear to support Boris Johnson now?

Carrie’s first high profile outing as Boris’ girlfriend was on the steps of 10 Downing Street to meet him as he walked into the property for the first time as Prime Minister.

The blonde opted for a bright pink dress from British brand Ghost London.

Stylist Caroline Wolf, who is a personal stylist for influential businesswomen and has styled members of international royal families, told “The Ghost midi dress sent out several key messages. It wasn’t a statement or presidential dress such as a wife might wear, but one from the British High Street, costing an affordable £120. With its on trend midi style, it nevertheless portrayed a sense of modesty, with its high neckline and elbow length sleeves, softened by its beautiful feminine colours.

“Overall, Carrie’s entire look was one of informality and easy, casual sophistication, although the dress’ bold colours of red and pink positively demanded attention, particularly when surrounded by typical Downing Street colours of navy, black and grey. I’d be very surprised if this wasn’t a deliberate choice on Carrie’s part, to make sure she stood out and emphasised her personality, which is always important.”

Most First Lady’s have causes they are keen to promote, and Carrie is no different. She is a keen environmentalist.

Her choice of dress embodied this, Caroline told

She said: “As well as being a former PR chief, Carrie is passionate about conservation and going forward, I’d expect her to choose clothes that reflect that.

“The red and pink dress was a washable viscose crepe but we may well see her in more organic and sustainable fabrics in the future.”

How old is Carrie Symonds? Is she younger than her current boyfriend’s daughter?

Boris Johnson’s children are now in their adult years.

He has four children with his wife Marina, who he is currently seeking a divorce from.

His daughter Lara Lettice is his oldest child at 26, only five years younger than his current girlfriend.

She studied at famous private boarding school Bedales known for its less structured approach to education and a liberal ethos.

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