Published On: Mon, Aug 19th, 2019

Capital growth: One in 10 Londoners own crypto – and most of them are ‘risk takers’ | City & Business | Finance

Alarmingly, the research also found that 56 percent of crypto holders admit to being risk-takers and basing decisions on “gut feeling”, enjoy gambling, and are 41 percent more likely to have taken out a short-term loan. Interestingly, while most crypto owners are men, a fifth of cryptocurrency owners are female – a much higher number than expected. Jason Mander, the chief research officer at GlobalWebIndex, said: “When it comes to attitudes, there’s very little difference between men and women.

“Male cryptocurrency holders are somewhat more likely to say they feel positive about the future of the economy, to say they are risk takers, and to say they value having the latest technological products when they’re compared to their female counterparts.

“But this difference pales when we compare cryptocurrency holders to the general public.”

Female cryptocurrency holders are nearly seven times as likely as the average woman to work in management consulting and nearly five times as likely to be in software development.

A form of digital cash, cryptocurrency uses encryption to secure transactions and control the creation of new units. It uses cryptography, a form of coding originating from the Second World War, to process transactions securely.

Its major appeal is it is independence from established financial systems and it is usually traded through specialist online “exchanges”.

GlobalWebIndex’s researchers also found cryptocurrency holders are more likely to be educated to a postgraduate level and in the top 10 percent income bracket compared to the average internet user in Europe.

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