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Bull run: Father fatally gored by raging bull in controversial Spanish event – VIDEO | World | News

The man, named locally as Vicente Asensio Martinez, 59, was killed around 8.45am on Saturday in the town of Chiva, around 20 miles west of Valencia. Mr Martinez was cornered along with another victim, who survived his wounds, in an alcove doorway. When he tried to escape, he tripped and fell across the middle of the road, where the frenzied beast skewered him once again and dragged him across the street.

Local media reports Martinez was gored twice in the abdomen and once in the leg and died on the way to hospital.

A second man was also gored while standing in the same doorway where Mr Martinez was trapped, but survived.

He was treated in hospital and released the same day.

The incident was filmed during the ‘Torico de la Cuerda’ running of the bulls event which continues until August 19.

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Asensio Martinez reportedly worked for the Sanchis Bergon-Turia Commission and colleagues sent messages of condolences on social media.

One message said: “We will always remember you Vicente. For anyone who knew you, it was a privilege to share and enjoy your company.”

Commission President Juanjo Farinas said that the victim has three daughters who live in Valencia and he was visiting Chiva on holiday.

Despite the tragedy, the event was not cancelled and the city council announced two minutes of silence to honour Asensio Martinez.

The council added the event “had all the security measures and insurance required by law”.

It is unclear what happened to the bull after the incident but the event’s website says the animals are returned to their breeders after the festival.

The controversial treatment of bulls in the Mediterranean nation has been widely condemned.

Comedian Ricky Gervais last week branded a Spanish crowd “evil” and “braindead” after they set bulls’ horns on fire and tormented the panicking beasts for entertainment.

The comic said on Twitter that those attending the event in La Vall d’Uixó, Spain were “evil, braindead c****” after footage emerged of the “fire bull” event.

Activists from Animal Guardians and La Tortura No Es Cultura (Torture Is Not Culture) recorded the video in a desperate bid to get the barbaric practice banned.


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In their footage, the animals are dragged to a post so that metal braces can be fixed to their horns, then the braces are set aflame and the bulls are cut loose to run frantically around.

As they run, they are harassed by spectators who grab them by their tails, toss sand and bottles at them, and kick them from the safety of specially designed cages.

Vets say the bulls are terrified by the presence of fire, which they are powerless to escape, and which leaves burning embers falling on their faces and bodies.

Jose Enrique Zaldívar, the president of Avatma – a veterinary group campaigning against events like these, said the “disorientation, anxiety, fear, and anguish” of the bulls was great, even without fire.

But once the flames take hold, he said, it only gets worse.

“Once the balls or torches that are placed on their horns are lit, the presence of fire causes the animal to be terrified,” he said.

“Since it is instinctively identified as another danger sign, it increases his stress and anguish much more.”

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