Published On: Wed, Sep 25th, 2019

British woman mauled to death by pack of wild dogs in Greece | World | News

Celia Hollingworth, 62, was attacked by the wild dogs after a hike to an archeological site. 

She reportedly made a frantic phone call to family during Thursday’s attack, as she returned to her guest house in Maroneia, in northern Greece. 

Police found her body on Saturday, two days after she was reported missing. 

Retired Bristol University worker Ms Hollingworth, of Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, was a prominent human rights campaigner and an active member of local community groups. She had also lectured at Oxford University.

A Greek police officer said: “It was a tragic sight. Her body was found shredded to pieces, some of it devoured. 

“Even experienced forensic crews were shocked when they faced the harrowing sight.” 

There are more than a million stray dogs in Greece, many abandoned after the financial crash in 2009. 

A police source said: “On Ms Hollingworth’s walk back, she rang relatives to tell them that she was being attacked.

“After that, her relatives lost track of her, filing a missing persons report late on Thursday.” 

Neighbours yesterday described Ms Hollingworth as a “kind and friendly woman” who was “always doing things for other people”. 

Andrew Otto, 54, said: “She was very active in the community and often came round with petitions.” 

She was in the Bristol Greece Solidarity campaign, supporting Greeks struggling with austerity.

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