Published On: Sun, Sep 1st, 2019

British victim ‘horrified’ ‘Beast of Kavos’ released early after raping her FIVE times | World | News

Last month the Sunday Express revealed how Dimitris Aspiotis was quietly released after serving just nine years of a record 52-year prison term for a series of horrific rapes of British tourists and holiday workers in the popular resort of Kavos on Corfu. Kayleigh Morgan was a holiday rep aged 23 when she was dragged into woods at knifepoint. Aspiotis, 47, raped her five times during a 14-hour ordeal after stalking her in August 2010. She bravely waived anonymity and gave a harrowing account of the rape with two other victims at a Greek court.  

In December 2012, Aspiotis received the record sentence – for which Greece was applauded. 

Miss Morgan, who now works as an air hostess, said of his release: “A friend of my mum’s read about it in the Sunday Express and told us. I couldn’t believe he was out. 

“When I heard, I felt sick. It was a kick in the teeth. I still feel sick. It feels like there is no justice. 

“When he got 52 years I was told by the judge it was with no parole. She even told me to go and enjoy my life because he would never get out.”

She was left traumatised by the horror attack. 

“There was a time when I refused to leave the house, but eventually my mum forced me to. She said you can’t allow him to ruin your life. 

“It could have gone the wrong way, but… I thought he has taken 14 hours of my life, I am not going to let him take any more.”

It is understood Aspiotis’s early release was the result of a law passed by Greece’s previous socialist government, which allows sentences to be reduced in return for good behaviour. 

The Greek Ministry of Justice, British Vice Consulate in Corfu and the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office have refused to comment.

Miss Morgan, from West Drayton, west London, said: “It is disgusting the Greek authorities have tried to keep it quiet. We got told nothing. He should never have got out. He is a complete psychopath.” 

Aspiotis was convicted of the rapes of at least six women, but it is believed there could be more victims. 

He was jailed in 2007 for raping three women and began fresh attacks, including that on Kayleigh, within weeks of his 2010 release. 

When confronted by the Sunday Express last month, Aspiotis blamed the rapes on cocaine addiction, saying: “I am not taking anything now so am no danger. I have met a girl and only think of her now.”

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