Published On: Sun, Aug 25th, 2019

Brigitte Macron gives Donald Trump a kiss during frosty G7 summit | World | News

France’s first lady Brigitte Macron planted a kiss on the US president Donald Trump as the national leaders gathered after a dinner on the second day of the meeting in Biarritz, France. Emmanuel Macron watched on but it had ended an awkward day for the French leader after his invite for an Iranian government official to the summit almost sparked a diplomatic row.

President Trump was left “surprised” by Mr Macron’s move and was said to have refused to meet the Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Ex-US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, described the invite as “disrespectful” to the other world leaders.

She said: “This is completely disrespectful to Donald Trump and the other leaders at the G7.

“Iran supports terrorism at every turn and continues to pursue Death to America.

However, a French official insisted the G7 had backed Mr Macron’s talks with Mr Zarif.

He said: “As president of the G7, President Macron did indeed get the power to discuss and send a message to Iranian authorities on the basis of the exchanges we had.”

Mr Trump told reporters he “can’t stop people from talking” when asked about Mr Zarif and Mr Macron’s meeting and gave no comment to whether he would join talks.

But France insisted the US President had discussed the matter with Mr Macron on a hotel terrace yesterday.

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One French diplomat told reporters: “We work with full transparency with the Americans.”

During the family photo the European Union’s Donald Tusk and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson appeared at opposite ends of the line-up.

Mr Johnson appeared to spend time talking animatedly with South African president Cyril Ramaphosa.

German leader Angela Merkel, meanwhile, was next to Mr Macron, who stood alongside Mr Trump.

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