Published On: Sat, Nov 16th, 2019

Brian May shares two new HUGE achievements for Queen that would make Freddie Mercury proud | Music | Entertainment

During Freddie Mercury’s lifetime, Queen produced some of rock’s best known and loved songs. And a number of them were penned by guitarist Brian May, including We Will Rock You and Fat Bottomed Girls.

Now May has revealed that he’s been given a couple of Special Citation of Achievements by BMI related to the hit tunes.

The first recognises the great national popularity of We Will Rock You “as measured by over 6 million broadcast performances.”

While the second was for Fat Bottomed Girls’s also impressive 3 million.

May shared snaps of himself with the framed certificates on his Instagram.

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Freddie’s friend admitted: “It sounds incredibly stage but it was my life up there as well.

“Watching some of those scenes being filmed was really strange.

“He knew before he died there would be books about him and I suppose must have had an idea there would be a film.

“I understand people’s objections to moving bits and whatever.”

He added: “But when I look at the film, I don’t look at the story, because I know the story, I was in it.

“Maybe it doesn’t finish how it finished in real life, but there is truth in every scene.

“The acting is amazing. Rami [Malek] believed in Freddie and he was able to bring that through.

“There was that scene where they’re in Jim Beach’s office, where Freddie wants to join the band again – which didn’t really happen, they never split up for Freddie to come back.”

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