Published On: Wed, Aug 28th, 2019

Brexit payback: What did MPs expect when they tried to dishonour the will of the people? | Politics | News

What did they expect? Our MPs who have again and again stood in the way of a democratically mandated instruction to leave the European Union. What did they expect? The we-know-better than you ‘experts’, the London political elite who see all those who voted for Brexit as the enemy. They talk of democracy but since losing the vote on 23 June 2016 this rabble of disrespectful MPs have done nothing to honour the referendum result but have again and again sabotaged Brexit, and by extension sabotaged Britain. But it’s now game over.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is by all accounts about to make those MPs redundant – only temporarily unfortunately, there may be those who think MPs who dishonour the trust placed in them by the electorate should sling their hook permanently.

It is called proroguing and it is a desperate political measure which has triggered the expected howls of outrage from the Dominic Grieves and Tom Watsons et al in Parliament.

But these are desperate times. Britain has to leave the EU on October 31. Not only because we voted to leave but because not doing so will undermine Britain in an unprecedented way.

We will be seen as politically inept, incompetent, a laughing stock not to be taken seriously. The idea that Britain somehow re-negotiates remaining in the EU from this position of unprecedented weakness would be the real act of self-harm.

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We would end up paying more, receiving less and being frozen out of all meaningful debate.

Proroguing is a Boris at his most ‘do-or-die’ – a very high stakes move indeed and one which should make everyone on all sides of the Brexit debate nervous. But the Prime Minster’s hand has been forced.

Parliament was given three chances to carry out the will of the people – and three times they opted for crippling inertia. No alternative solutions, no answers, just blocking the will of the people.

It now appears for our arrogant MPs, three strikes and you’re out.

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