Published On: Sat, Sep 7th, 2019

Brexit Party urges Boris to ‘go round Cummings’ and call Farage – ‘Pick up the phone!’ | Politics | News

Martin Daubney, one of 29 Brexit Party candidates elected to the European Parliament in May’s elections, made his remarks in the wake of speculation that Mr Cummings’s hostility towards Mr Farage was a serious impediment to any future election agreement between the two Brexit supporting parties. Members of the European Research Group are thought to be keen on the idea of striking a deal with Mr Farage. However, they blame Mr Cummings – who is known to be hostile to Mr Farage and claimed after the 2016 referendum the former UKIP leader would have cost hundreds of thousands of votes had he been featured more prominently on television in the final few weeks of the campaign – for vetoing the idea.

One senior Tory source told The Telegraph: “Cummings is the obstacle to any deal between Johnson and Farage.”

Mr Johnson had an open mind about the idea, but Mr Cummings “hated” it, the source added.

The insider explained: “He regards Farage as a grubby little street urchin.”

For his part, Mr Farage is not appear to be the Durham-born political strategist’s biggest fan, in July branding him as “untrustworthy” and “not a true believer” in Brexit.

Mr Johnson is facing a race against time to deliver on his pledge to take Britain out of the EU by October 31, “do or die”, and Labour’s refusal to back his motion calling for a general election has piled yet more pressure on.

Mr Daubney told “As things are delicately balanced right now I don’t think it is best to kick the hornet’s nest over this.

“We want to do a deal with Boris and the bottom line is he has Nigel’s number.

“Boris can go around Cummings if he wants and the lines are open.”

Mr Daubney, who on Tuesday said such a Tory/Brexit Party team-up would “decimate” Labour in its northern heartlands, added: “It is time to put aside personal differences and put country before party.

“It is time for Boris to do a deal with the Brexit Party.”

“But with his options narrowing by the day, we are his best chance of securing a healthy majority and stopping the nightmare of Prime Minister Corbyn.”

Mr Farage himself has been vocal on the subject of such a pact in recent days.

Speaking to the BBC earlier this week, he said: “If you put the support of Boris Johnson Conservatives and the Brexit Party together, the truth is, in a general election with a clear policy, we would be unstoppable.


“At some point, he’s going to need to talk to us. He’s made this decision that he’s going to deliver Brexit.

“He’s sacked 21 of his own MPs that were effectively Remainers. He cannot win an election whenever it comes if the Brexit Party stands against him.

“There are parts of the country where just putting up a Brexit Party candidate means his candidates will lose.”

As of Tuesday, bookmaker Paddy Power was offering odds of 14-1 on Mr Farage’s next political role being Mr Johnson’s deputy Prime Minister, and 16-1 on him landing the top job himself.

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