Published On: Tue, Sep 3rd, 2019

Brexit Party news: Nigel Farage claims party is ready for general election | UK | News

Moreover, Mr Farage also claimed his party is ready to battle the Conservatives in a general election should Boris Johnson back a new version of Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement. The Brexit Party leader insisted “no deal is the best deal” despite there only being 60 days until the October 31 deadline. He told the Prime Minister he would be making a “historic mistake” by trying to create a revamped version of Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement through parliament.

Mr Farage accused the Prime Minister of not being fully committed to a no deal Brexit.

He also suggested Mr Johnson was trying to get a new deal with Brussels that is similar to Mrs May’s but without the backstop.

The Brexiteer told his LBC Radio listeners today he was ready for a general election.

He said: “The big message here is Boris Johnson wants the Withdrawal Agreement. He wants Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement, but minus the backstop.

“And if he does get voted down in the House of Commons tomorrow, which I have to say, looking at the Tory rebels who are beginning to stand up, does look quite likely to me, then there will be a general election.”

He argued: “Do I think it is acceptable that a general election could be held on the basis that he goes back to Brussels to get the Withdrawal Agreement? Well I absolutely don’t.

“Given there is less than 60 days to go to that right now, no deal is the best deal.”

Mr Johnson threatened to hold a snap election on October 14 if MPs vote to block no deal tomorrow.

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Mr Farage addressed delegates at a party rally in Colchester last night from a podium emblazoned with “I’m Ready” across the front.

He warned Mr Johnson during speeches he would lose a general election if he did not opt for a hard Brexit.

Mr Farage told the audiences an alliance with the Conservative party would render them unstoppable in a general election.

He added: “We could get Brexit, we could destroy Corbyn and we would be a free, independent nation.

“Yes, there may be on November 1 one or two bumps in the road, but free and proud we’d be able to get on with the rest of our lives.”

He divulged there will be a “big attempt by Corbyn and others” to secure a Brexit extension.

Mr Farage argued: “I can’t predict how that vote will go tomorrow but I suspect the Prime Minister will lose and I suspect we’ll be facing a general election probably to take place on October 14.

“Boris, you can’t win without us.

“Boris, if you go for the withdrawal agreement I’m afraid you will lose, but if you do the right thing and we support you you’ll be a national hero in the history of this nation.”

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