Published On: Tue, Aug 27th, 2019

Brexit Party news: Ann Widdecombe strikes FEAR into Remain MPs in latest Brexit update | UK | News

Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe fired up a crowd of Brexit Party general election candidates as she took aim at Remainer MPs. She added that Parliament had a duty to deliver Brexit as it was clear what the British people wanted. Ms Widdecombe began her speech by saying: “You are prospective candidates for a general election.

“It is no good going into a general election to manage something that is a halfway measure, we fight to win.”

The crowd then began applauding loudly as Ms Widdecombe paused.

She continued: “It is important that we know why we are trying to win and what we are trying to achieve.

“Everybody in this room that has signed up to fight for this party is fighting for democracy itself.

“You are not just fighting for those who voted Leave.

“You are fighting for everybody because everybody in this country expects to be governed by a Parliament that itself governed by the will of the people.

“And if they get away with it this time, they will go on getting away with it.

“If they are able to stand up in Parliament and in the teeth of the decision that was taken in 2016 and in the teeth of all the promises that they made in their manifestos.

“If they are able to stand up in Parliament and say we are going to overturn the result of that referendum, we are not going to implement it.

“If they are able to say that and then get reelected that is bad news for Britain for decades to come.”

Then crowd then erupted into deafening applause as some members of the crowd rose to their feet to commend the Brexit Party MEP.

Ms Widdecombe added: “And that is the fight that we are all engaged in.

“To restore proper democracy and to make sure that Parliament knows its place.

“Its place is delivering what the British people want, not thwarting what the British people have clearly said they want.

“Now if there is a general election and Boris actually promises a clean break Brexit then every single member of the Conservative Party, regardless of what they have been saying up till now, should be required to state clearly to their constituents that they will vote for that no deal Brexit.

“Every single one of them Boris, no exceptions. Now if the other side wants to stand for Remain at least we know where to take the fight but I don’t want to be fighting with a divided army.

“Some of whom are behind the general and others who are saying wait to the elections over and then we can go back to where we were before.

“They must not go back to where they are now.

“As I have said before if they won’t make sure that Britain leaves we will make sure they Leave.

“And that is where you all come in, you are the ones on the ground, who are going to be making for those that have stood against the will of the British people, who have ratted on their own manifesto promises, that those people will never see the inside of Westminster again.”

Earlier in the Brexit Party general election reveal session chairman Richard Tice explained the Brexit Party was “ready” to fight for a spot in Westminster.

The Brexit Party chairman accused the Conservative Party of “copying” his party with their campaign strategies and policies as he celebrated getting rid of “the worst Prime Minister this country has ever seen”.

He said: “People have clearly summoned well. It’s incredible, here we are. Over 500 prospective parliamentary candidates for the forthcoming general election.

“What is absolutely clear, we’ve got signs, we’ve got flags.

“There’s going to be a general election and we are ready.

“In fact, I think I can confidently predict we’re more ready than any other political party.

“We’re going to be ready for whatever parliamentary games Westminster and those politicians throw at us.”

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