Published On: Sat, Aug 24th, 2019

Brexit Party MEP exposes EU myth surrounding customs union – ‘Better outside!’ | UK | News

Brexit Party MEP Lance Forman made the assertion to talkRADIO’s Dan Wootton after tearing the withdrawal agreement to pieces. He said: “The withdrawal agreement is an absolutely dire agreement. Even if you drop the backstop – everyone’s been focussing on the backstop because obviously that was the worst part of it – but there’s tons of it as well that’s absolutely atrocious and we shouldn’t be signing up to.

“The hope is either he (Boris Johnson) will do a deal or we will walk away with no deal, which we’ll be fully prepared for.

“And then, once we have a clean Brexit and we are free and independent, then we can discuss future trade the with the EU after that.

“Most countries in the world don’t have a trade deal with the EU.

“Most countries aren’t in the single market or the customs union and they get on perfectly well, and in fact trade more.

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“The USA does more trade with the EU than we do and they’re not in the customs union or the single market.

“You don’t need to be in it.”

But not everyone is full of optimism; it is worth pointing out the US is a far great economic power than the UK and is home to some 330 million people, rather than 66.

And Boris Johnson’s Brexit bravado may have come undone after a “clever” bit of plotting by Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, an SNP MP has claimed.

“So he has 30 days or two years – whatever you like, pick a time – but you have to come up with a realistic alternative.

“And, as of yet, it has been years and no one has done that.”

Mr Johnson made trips to both Berlin and Paris this week to meet the respective European leaders as part of his first trips abroad as Prime Minister.

Both leaders were unwavering in their commitment to the backstop, unless a viable alternative were proposed.

Mr Johnson was candid about the wavering prospects of a Brexit deal upon his return.

He warned that getting a deal would “not be easy” and people should not “hold their breath” awaiting a breakthrough.

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