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In a dramatic speech on the steps of Downing Street, Prime Minister Boris Johnson implicitly warned MPs on Monday that he would seek an election if they tied his hands to push for a further delay to Brexit, scheduled for October 31. The move set up a historic Brexit showdown between the prime minister and parliament to be drawn out in a series of votes tonight, where up to 20 Tory MPs are expected to vote for a bill to block a no deal exit from the bloc.

Mr Johnson said he did not want a general election, but sources said an October 14 poll could be on the cards if the opposition and rebel Tories voted to block a no-deal Brexit this week. is asking you who would you vote for in an October 14 general election?

With less than 59 days to go, an alliance of opposition MPs and rebels in Mr Johnson’s Tory Party will use parliament’s first day back from its summer break to launch their attempt to block a no deal exit.

The Remainers will put forward a vote on Tuesday on whether to seize control of the parliamentary agenda the following day to try to pass legislation that would force Mr Johnson to seek a three-month delay to Britain’s EU exit.


“We’ve also got to try as best as possible to ensure that it wouldn’t be possible for the sitting squatting prime minister in this period to set a general election and then change the date.

“The priority this morning is preventing this no-deal crash out.

“Then of course if we get the sequencing right and we can get sufficient support across the house we live and breathe for a general election.”

Mr Corbyn will host a meeting of opposition parties on Tuesday morning to discuss their plans to block a no deal.

Mr Johnson, whose Conservatives have seen an opinion poll bounce since he took office, has a working majority of just one seat in the 650-seat lower house of parliament and some suspect it has always been his strategy to head to the polls.

A source said: “The prime minister seems to be doing everything he can to bring about an election while claiming it’s the last thing he wants.”

An election would open up three main options: a Brexit-supporting government under Mr Johnson, a Labour government led by veteran socialist Jeremy Corbyn or a hung parliament that could lead to a coalition or minority government of some kind.

It also could make a no deal Brexit more likely, according to JPMorgan, as polling indicates Mr Johnson could win an election.

JPMorgan said in a note to clients: “The effect of these developments, in our view, is to push up the probability of a general election occurring next month, and thereby to make no-deal more likely as of end October.”

Meanwhile, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage said he was willing to back Mr Johnson at the polls if he guarantees a “clean break” from Brussels.

But Mr Farage said he did not trust Mr Johnson to take Britain out of the European Union without a deal and so would struggle to strike an electoral pact with him.

He said: “Of course if Boris Johnson says we’re leaving, we’re going to have a clean break… then we, the Brexit Party, would put country before party and tell Mr Johnson that we want to help you in any way we can.

“But I’m afraid that’s not what the prime minister wants to do and that was made very clear by his statement outside Downing Street last night. He is intent on reheating Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement.”

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