Published On: Tue, Aug 27th, 2019

Brexit news: ‘We are ready!’ Crowd erupts as Richard Tice launches Brexit Party campaign | UK | News

Mr Tice claimed the Brexit Party is “ready” to fight for a spot in Westminster to the excitement of his supporters present at the campaign launch event. The Brexit Party chairman accused the Conservative Party of “copying” his party with their campaign strategies and policies as he celebrated getting rid of “the worst Prime Minister this country has ever seen”. He said: “People have clearly summoned well. It’s incredible, here we are. Over 500 perspective parliamentary candidates for the forthcoming general election.

“What is absolutely clear, we’ve got signs, we’ve got flags.

“There’s going to be a general election and we are ready.

“In fact, I think I can confidently predict we’re more ready than any other political party.

“We’re going to be ready for whatever parliamentary games Westminster and those politicians throw at us.”

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Speaking on Good Morning Britain earlier today, Nigel Farage said he will stand as a candidate in the next general election and has issued a warning to the Prime Minister over the Brexit withdrawal deal.

The Brexit Party leader said his party has “635 men and women who passed their assessments and will be standing for us in the general election.”

Mr Farage is focused on a “clean break Brexit” telling GMB presenters Richard Madeley and Charlotte Hawkins: “You’ve got the loud noise which says we’ll leave with no deal on October 31, but if you actually look at what is being said by Macron, Merkel and Boris Johnson – Boris in a letter last week said it was his highest priority to get a withdrawal agreement.

“We want a clean break Brexit.”

“If the Conservative Party were to stand with Boris Johnson as leader saying that, here’s the important thing, they cannot win without the support of the Brexit Party.”

Asked whether he would do a deal with the Tories, Mr Farage said: “Absolutely, of course, we would do a deal with anybody. Whether it is the Conservative Party, or certain people in the Labour Party who hold the same view, we would work with anybody to get the right result.

“What we will not do is stand aside and watch Brexit be betrayed for a second time.”

Mr Johnson has now just 65 days to deliver Brexit, and after tensions with European Council President Donald Tusk at the G7 Summit this weekend, renegotiating the withdrawal agreement is continuing to be an uphill battle for the new Prime Minister.

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