Published On: Sat, Sep 7th, 2019

Brexit news: US-Uk trade deal to be delayed thanks to EU exit delay warns Washington | UK | News

Trump had promised earlier this year, that a potential deal would be Washington’s priority following Brexit. That sentiment was supported by Trump’s National Security Adviser, John Bolton who insisted that the UK would be “first in line” for a deal in August.

However, National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow said on Friday that a post-Brexit trade with the UK is not Washington’s top priority.

Washington’s announcement comes after the Commons voted in favour of a bill aimed at preventing a no deal Brexit.

After being in the House of Lords on Friday, the bill will now be sent for Royal Assent.

In a shock admission, Mr Kudlow revealed that potential deals with the EU, Canada, Japan and Mexico remained as the key deals for the US.

Mr Kudlow announced on Friday: “It’s not a tomorrow question. The most important trade deal is the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

“That is our top legislative priority.

“Regarding Great Britain, the president has said that we would love to do a trade deal with the United Kingdom, but they’ve got some hurdles.”

Mr Kudlow’s announcement will come as a surprise to UK officials following the promises made by Trump and Mr Bolton recently.

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Responding to Daily Mail online, Mr Kudlow said: “USMCA has been negotiated and agreed upon by three countries.

“We’re waiting for congressional action, and hopefully it will come this Autumn.”

He did however state on Friday: “We’d be happy to get to work with the United Kingdom on an FTA.

“We just have to get a greenlight from their side, with respect to their parliamentary activities and their discussions with the EU.”

The news of the potential delay to the UK-US trade deal comes following a tough week for Mr Johnson.

As well as losing the vote on a no deal Brexit, Mr Johnson also failed to attain the required two-thirds majority needed to call his snap election.

He will present the early motion bill once again on Monday in order to try and bring forward a vote before the October 31 EU exit deadline.

However, leaders from the opposition have agreed to oppose Mr Johnson’s demand for an election before the EU summit in mid-October.

The Prime Minister warned that opposition parties were all making an “extraordinary political mistake”.

Moreover, he argued that an election is the only thing that will allow the Government to “get on” with delivering Brexit by the end of October.

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