Published On: Sun, Sep 1st, 2019

Brexit news: Tories plot to topple Speaker John Bercow for ‘blatant Brexit bias’ | Politics | News

Backbenchers called on party chiefs to ditch the convention of allowing the Speaker to stand unopposed in his Commons constituency as punishment for controversial rulings in Parliament. The bid to oust Mr Bercow at the next general election comes ahead of crunch Brexit debates at Westminster where the official is set to play a key role. He has denounced Boris Johnson’s move to cut short the current parliamentary session as a “constitutional outrage” and held talks with leading pro-Brussels Tory rebel Sir Oliver Letwin.

Tory MP David Davies yesterday demanded an end to convention that allows the Speaker to stand for re-election to the Commons without rival candidates from the main parties contesting his seat.

He called on Tory chairman James Cleverly to persuade Buckingham Conservative Association to field an official Tory candidate against Mr Bercow. 

Mr Davies said: “The reality is now that the gloves are off. Remain-supporting MPs – including Mr Bercow – are using every trick in the book and tearing up all precedence to try to prevent the democratic voice of the public from being heard on Brexit.

“We have to fight this battle in the same way. If that means breaking the precedent of not standing against the Speaker in his constituency at the next General Election, then so be it.”

The Monmouth MP called for fellow Tories to vote Mr Bercow out of his job if he is re-elected to the Commons.

“The Remain-supporting Speaker is not acting in an impartial fashion,” Mr Davies added.

“He is simply following his own instincts, which are out of touch with those of the Conservative Party that he owes his career to and those of the people of Britain who have expressed their wish to leave, not just in the referendum, but also in the 2017 General Election and the 2019 European elections.”

Fellow Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said: “John Bercow is only an MP thanks to the passive support of Buckingham Conservatives. Given his behaviour, Buckingham Conservative would be quite reasonable to find a new candidate for the next general election, which might not be that far away.”

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