Published On: Mon, Sep 2nd, 2019

Brexit news: Tony Blair warns ‘elephant trap’ set for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn | UK | News

The Remainer and former Prime Minister warned Jeremy Corbyn against falling into an “elephant trap” as he beomaned the “curse” of Brexit in a Westminster address. He accused Boris Johnson of laying “an elephant trap” by trying to look as if pushed into a general election while actively preparing for one. Mr Blair said Brexit must be resolved before a general election is held. He added Labour should throw its weight behind supporting legislation to prevent a no deal Brexit, not a vote of no confidence in the Government.

Mr Blair said: “Brexit has gone beyond a joke. There has never been a more important moment for politicians to put country before tribe and national interest before self-interest.

“We’re numb to the state of our politics. What is happening is shocking, irresponsible and dangerous.

“Our Government is ripping Britain out of the European Union, by common acceptance the most important change in this country’s affairs since 1945.

“In the most extreme form of Brexit imaginable without an agreement to replace a complicated network of political and commercial arrangements we have built over decades of European membership.

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“It’s doing so without the consent of Parliament but with the deliberate manoeuvre to curtail it.

“Without the expressed consent of the British people relying instead on a one-off plebiscite, now over three years ago at which not one moment suggested by those advocating Brexit that no deal would be the outcome.

“Parliament, the capstone of our democracy, is held up to ridicule as the enemy of the very people who elected it.

“Not once did our nation’s leadership explain to the public why Brexit has been so difficult to resolve which is because there are at least three different versions of it.”

Mr Blair said: “I know it’s counterintuitive for opposition parties to oppose an election but in this exceptional case it is vital they do so as a matter of principle until Brexit is resolved.

“Brexit is an issue which stands on its own, was originally decided on its own and should be reconsidered on its own.

“The Brexiteers are laying a trap to seem as if pushed into an election while actively preparing for one and they do this because they know there are two issues in British politics.

“One is Brexit and the other is the Corbyn leadership. It is the interplay between these two issues that has reshaped and defined British politics over the past three to four years.

“Boris Johnson knows that if no deal Brexit stands on its own as a proposition, it might well fail.

“But if he mixes it up with the Brexit question and the Corbyn question together in a general election, he could succeed despite a majority being against a no deal Brexit because some may fear a Corbyn premiership more.”

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