Published On: Wed, Sep 4th, 2019

Brexit news: SNP Westminster leader ridiculed as he pleads to leave Scotland in EU | UK | News

The MP claimed Prime Minister is behaving akin to a “dictator” for seeking to ignore the “democratic vote” of the House of Parliament against a no deal . But the emotional pleas were met with ridicule on Twitter as members of the public pointed out Ian Blackford’s party is campaigning for a new independence referendum despite Scots voting to stay in the UK. One user wrote on Twitter: “Ian Blackford talking about respecting democratic mandates – Scotland voted to remain in the UK just five years ago.”

Another said: “What an arrogant fool Ian Blackford is, he speaks of Democracy. Scotland voted against independence in 2014 by 55.3 percent to 44.7 percent, with an overall turnout of 84.6 percent.

“The EU referendum also returned a majority to leave. What form of Democracy does he support? #PMQs”

One woman wrote on social media: “Ian Blackford is really getting on my nerves now, ‘We will not be dragged out against our will.’ When will this little man give his head a wobble, we, the UK as a whole, voted in the referendum.”

Some users also took issues with claims from the SNP politicians suggesting voters across the country had not voted in favour of a no deal during the 2016 referendum.

One user said: “Ian Blackford MP has just said in PMQs that the people ‘did not vore for a no deal Brexit.’ My recollection of the referendum choice was remain or leave.

“I voted leave, how much simpler do MPs want it? Stop telling me what I want and get on with the people’s choice.”

Another wrote: “Ian Blackford said the people did not vote for a No Deal Brexit. We did not vote for a deal. There were two bosses on the ballot paper, Leave or Remain. Leave won.

“PM David Cameron said, if after two years we haven’t reached a deal, we leave on .”

The Prime Minister hit back: “Will he respect the democratic will of the people of the United Kingdom, as this House voted to do time and time again? That is to implement the result of the referendum.”

Scottish First Minister emerged as an outspoken critic of the Government’s plans to go ahead with a no deal if no agreement is reached with the EU by October 31.

Mrs Sturgeon demanded Number 10 agree to grant Scotland permission to hold a new referendum on independence from the UK, claiming the impact of leaving the bloc would have dire consequence for the nation. The British Government has rejected the calls.

The resignation of Scottish Tories leader last week sparked concerns among members the party could be on track to lose several of the seats won under Ms Davidson’s leadership in a snap general election. 

Polling expert Sir John Curtice said: “An early general election would be a gift wrapped by Boris Johnson to Nicola Sturgeon as far as Scotland is concerned. The SNP could well find themselves with over 50 of Scotland’s 59 MPs.

“Certainly in an early election the Conservative Party probably has to brace itself for the probability it is going to lose some of those MPs who were crucial to Theresa May’s position in 2017. With perhaps as many as 51 seats, the SNP could dominate Scotland’s representation at Westminster just as they did after the 2015 election.”

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