Published On: Wed, Sep 4th, 2019

Brexit News: Sky News hosts left bemused as Lord takes over Brexit interview | UK | News

Lord Jeffrey Archer and Chris Bryant appeared to disregard the usual interview format where the news hosts ask the questions. Mr Archer took to quizzing Chris Bryant on his Brexit allegiances only turning to the news host to tell them to force Mr Bryant to answer his questions. The Lord began by saying: “I spoke in the west country yesterday with an audience of about 500.

“I said to them how many of you voted against your husband wife or partner.

“Half the audience put their hands in the air.

“So it is not just a nation divided, families are divided as well.”

Mr Bryant interjected that was not the case in his household as they were all “united” to which Mr Arher asked him what United meant?

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While stuttering Mr Bryant replied: “I was a Remainer, I remain a Remainer and i will Remain and Remainer till my dying day.

Mr Archer questioned: “Did you vote with the Tory Rebel 21?”

Seemingly misunderstanding the question Mr Bryant replied that no he didn’t as he was a Labour MP.

Mr Archer then clarified and explained he wanted to know whether Mr Bryant voted against the government to which he replied he did.

Mr Archer also went on to reflect on the tory expulsion following the vote against the government.

He said: I’m nearly 80 and I have to say of the 21, 10 are old friends.

“They are what I would call the core of the Tory Party.

“They are one nation Tories and if they are not in the party any longer it is a very different party to the one I joined.”

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