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Brexit news: Remainers told to get over referendum – ‘Final stage of grief – ACCEPTANCE!’ | Politics | News

The so-called Remain Alliance made up of pro-EU figures such as former chancellor Phillip Hammond, Gina Miller and Dominic Grieve have been told to get with the programme by fuming readers who took part in an exclusive poll. Voters overwhelmingly cast their vote in favour of Remainers finally accepting the result, with a massive 97 percent agreeing with the statement. The poll which was set live on August 30 at 2pm asked: “Is it time the Remainers finally accepted the result of the Brexit referendum?”

Just three percent, 400 people, voted in favour of Remainers fighting the results of the Brexit referendum and Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue Parliament.

Just 37 respondents answered they didn’t know.

Comments overwhelmingly reflected the results of the poll, with one reader comparing the actions of the Remainer group to the seven states of grief.

The comment read: “Yes, it is well past time. Three years is enough time for them to move past denial and to the final stage of grief, acceptance.

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Remainers should finally accept the Brexit referendum result (Image: GETTY)


Just three percent, 400 people, voted in favour of Remainers fighting the results (Image: GETTY)

“They have been encouraged by irresponsible politicians to believe that the democratic vote could be overturned and they would get their way eventually, but they won’t.

“It is time for their leaders to stop their nonsense. Their grandstanding and circus stunts are just making them look foolish.

“Accept the democratic vote and understand that we will leave on 31 October.”

Another comment read: “Remain could have accepted and got behind Brexit and the UK to ensure UK success, and this would have kept politicians in jobs, made the country feel better, and put the wind up the EU virtually guaranteeing a good deal that benefits all sides.

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Another added simply: “Remain are a massive embarrassment.” (Image: GETTY)

“Unfortunately, they were too blinkered, greedy, and self obsessed to countenance doing that.”

Another voter said: “Remainers will never accept the result they are a bunch of spoilt brats used to getting their own way.”

A fourth comment, referring to former prime minister John Major, said: “Major is the biggest hypocrite of the lot.

“He prorogued Parliament to avoid discussion of MPs expenses. So using a convention to avoid embarrassment, not for any high purpose. That was not proclaimed an outrage, but it was if ever there was.”


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Comments overwhelmingly reflected the results of the poll (Image: GETTY)

Another added simply: “Remain are a massive embarrassment.”

The poll came after Mr Major today announced he was joining forces with one of the cases, led by businesswoman Gina Miller.

Lawyers for Mrs Miller this week made an urgent application to the High Court for a judicial review of Mr Johnson’s plans.

Two further legal challenges were made in Edinburgh and Belfast.

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Boris Johnson has vowed the UK will leave the EU on October 31 (Image: EXPRESS)

But so far the legal action has been unsuccessful, with a Scottish judge ruling to throw out a challenge made by a cross-party group of parliamentarians.

The 75 MPs applied for an interim interdict at the Court of Session in Edinburgh, Scotland’s highest civil court, to stop the suspension of Parliament pending a full hearing on September 6.

At just gone 10am today the presiding judge, Lord Doherty, said he was “not satisfied” that the evidence presented supported the need for an interim interdict.

But the judge requested the full hearing be moved forward to Tuesday, September 3 “in the interests of justice”.

This came after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn demanded the Queen meet with him as well as Boris Johnson.

The veteran left-winger joined forces with the Lib Dems, Greens and Change UK to demand a meeting with the Queen after Mr Johnson flew to Balmoral this week to request her help to shut down Parliament.

The poll went live at 2pm on August 30 and closed at 9pm, 11,356 people took part.

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