Published On: Mon, Sep 2nd, 2019

Brexit news: Remainer plot in tatters as EU says it won’t force Boris to delay Brexit | UK | News

Alexander Schallenberg said it would be “unthinkable” of the bloc to force Britain to delay Brexit against its will. He insisted Boris Johnson would have to travel Brussels and ask his EU counterparts to remain in the bloc past October 31. This will deal a blow to Remainers who are hopeful of forcing the Prime Minister to grovel for an extension to the EU’s Article 50 exit clause in order to prevent a no deal Brexit.

Mr Schallenberg said: “We need a request from the British.

“It is unthinkable that the EU will force a member state to stay longer, so to speak, against its will.

“We have postponed the withdrawal date twice at their risk.”

Patience could eventually run out with Britain over Brexit, the Austrian foreign minister added.

He moaned the Prime Minister’s plan to scrap the controversial Northern Ireland backstop is simply not enough for the EU27.

“Of course, our thread of patience doesn’t go on forever,” he said.

“But in the past two years, we have put in a lot of energy to make an orderly exit possible.

“Secondly, a disorderly exit would have many consequences that we can not foresee in its entirety when it comes to financial flows and services.”

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Whitehall sources suggest that Mr Johnson would rather act fist and table a motion for debate on Thursday to trigger an election.

Speculation was fuelled after it emerged he had ordered an emergency cabinet meeting this afternoon.

A Downing Street official said ministers would “discuss the Government’s respond to MPs seeking to take control of the legislative agenda away from the Government and handing it to the opposition and Corbyn without the consent of the people”.

Sources have claimed any election would happen before Britain’s expected October 31 divorce from the EU.

Mr Johnson is due to be in Brussels on October 17-18 for the country’s last scheduled European Council appearance.

Westminster observers have pencilled in October 10 as the most likely date for the ballot.

The Remainer bill, which Mr Johnson is hoping to thwart, would force him to seek a three-month extension of Article 50 until January 31, if there is no new deal passed by Parliament or Parliament agrees to no deal by October 19, according to reports.

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