Published On: Sat, Aug 24th, 2019

Brexit news: Remainer Femi ridiculed for claim Theresa May’s deal ‘still on table’ | UK | News

The prominent advocate for a second referendum refused to accept that the former Prime Minister’s deal was “dead” after it failed to pass through the House of Commons on three occasions. Commentator Andrew Pierce skewered the Europhile on LBC radio after Mr Oluwole suggested putting Mrs May’s deal, complete with the infamous Irish backstop, to a referendum. The activist said: “Most Brexit voters accepted a deal and the deal they’ve now renegotiated they don’t like. So there needs to be a referendum on it.”

But Mr Pierce stopped him, reminding him: “But Femi, that deal is dead. He said that.

“He’s now saying to the EU you’ve got to remove the backstop or there’s no deal.

“That deal is not part of the picture anymore, is it?”

But his guest wouldn’t back down: “That deal is the deal that was signed at the government level.

“It sets in process that we’re leaving the EU and that date has been set at October 31.

“And, unless Boris seeks an extension, we leave.”

Mr Johnson made trips to both Berlin and Paris this week to meet the respective European leaders as part of his first trips abroad as Prime Minister.

Both leaders were unwavering in their commitment to the backstop, unless a viable alternative were proposed.

Mr Johnson was candid about the wavering prospects of a Brexit deal upon his return.

He warned that getting a deal would “not be easy” and people should not “hold their breath” awaiting a breakthrough.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn has warned about the “pretty disastrous” impact on British agriculture of a no-deal Brexit, as he visited a hill farm in Cumbria.

The Labour leader said leaving the European Union without a deal would mean farmers being hit with huge tariffs, leading to a sheep cull and state support for those farmers left high and dry.

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