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Brexit news: Remain Philip Hammond ready to lead cross-party group of MPs to stop no deal | UK | News

Mr Hammond has been an avid supporter of the Remain campaign and over the last few weeks he has formed a splinter group of MPs, alongside Rory Stewart and David Gauke to stop a no deal scenario being carried out. According to The Daily Telegraph, Mr Hammond is ready to become “cheerleader” of a cross-party group of MPs intending to delay Brexit.

The news of Mr Hammond’s plans comes as Jeremy Corbyn shelved a scheme to call a no confidence vote on Mr Johnson’s Government.

In order to do “what needs to be done” and stop a no deal Brexit, Mr Hammond is ready to push through backbench legislation to rule out Mr Johnson’s plans.

One Conservative minister opposed to a no deal Brexit said: “He’ll be the cheerleader. I think if anybody does decide to lead he will.”

A spokesman for Mr Hammond, told The Daily Telegraph that he would not rule him out of becoming the leader of a bill to seek another Article 50 extension.

On Tudesday, Mr Corbyn met with opposition leaders in order to plan out a way of stopping a no deal Brexit.

That plan appeared to fail as Mr Corbyn admitted that another extension should take priority over trying to remove Mr Johnson from Government.

Following the meeting, Mr Corbyn wrote to MPs urging them to “find a way for the clear will of Parliament against no-deal to express itself”.

Mr Hammond was one of the recipients of the letter and with one Labour insider indicating that Mr Corbyn would not be against the former Chancellor taking a leading role in the rebel alliance.

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“Only because he wants to do what needs to be done.

“At the moment he is playing a key role because people are looking to him.”

It has been reported that the group of Remain rebels are ready to hold talks with Brussels.

Mr Hammond’s group will reportedly bid to establish how the long the EU would be prepared to delay Brexit.

Hitting back at the splinter group of MPs, No 10 has said that their proposed meeting would only sabotage Mr Johnson’s chances of securing a new Brexit deal.

A No 10 source said: “We are now making progress because our European partners realise we are serious about leaving the EU on October 31 – no ifs, no buts.

“It’s utterly perverse that Corbyn and his allies are actively seeking to sabotage the UK’s position. This coalition of anti-democrats should be honest with the British public, they are against us leaving the EU no matter what.

“The Government believes politicians don’t get to choose which public votes they respect.”

Mr Johnson has implored the EU to re-open negotiations over the deal which would allow it to be passed by Parliament.

He did, however, stick to his assurance that the Uk will leave on October 31 with or without a deal.

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