Published On: Tue, Aug 27th, 2019

Brexit News: Polling guru John Curtice issues Brexit Party warning – ‘why Farage matters’ | UK | News

In a shock warning to Boris Johnson, polling guru Sir John Curtice claimed that the Prime Minister was under pressure from Nigel Farage to quit the EU without a deal. The Professor of Politics at the University of Strathclyde also told the BBC that the Brexit Party could be wiped out if Boris Johnson does take the UK out of the EU at the end of October. Recent polls for YouGov showed the Conservative Party had taken a 12-point lead over Labour.

Sir John said that half of the Leave voters view leaving the EU without a deal as the “principle preference”.

He told the BBC’s The World At One: “Around two-thirds would regard this as an acceptable outcome, particularly if they saw the EU as being obdurate.

“Clearly there is a battle going on between Tory Party and Brexit Party for voters who voted leave.

“Virtually all of the rise in support for the Conservative Party in recent weeks has come at the expense of the Brexit Party.”

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Sir John added: “If Boris Johnson was to make a deal with the EU that Nigel Farage found unacceptable, then his hopes that the Conservative Party could squeeze the Brexit Party further and lay the foundation for Conservative success would be dashed.”

“Farage is indicating that if Boris Johnson ends up making a deal, he will find it more difficult to win over Brexit Party voters.

“That is where Farage still matters.

“The Conservative lead in the opinion polls is founded on the fact that the Conservatives has recouped most of, though not all, of the Leave vote.

Earlier today, Mr Farage said that a no deal Brexit  was now “the only acceptable deal”.

He said if Boris Johnson “summoned the courage” to pursue a no deal, the Brexit Party would work with him.

The Brexit Party leader added: “A Johnson government committed to doing the right thing and The Brexit Party working in tandem would be unstoppable.”

Mr Johnson has promised the UK will leave on that date “do or die”, including without a deal if necessary.

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