Published On: Tue, Aug 27th, 2019

Brexit news: ‘No more mister nice guy’ warns Nigel Farage to Boris Johnson | UK | News

The Brexit Party leader was accused of “going soft” on the Prime Minister and lashed out in response during a radio phone in. He warned Mr Johnson, on his LBC radio show, if he were to follow a similar path to Theresa May and her Brexit deal there would be “no more mister nice guy”. An LBC listener asked Mr Farage: “Why are you being so soft on Boris?

“I know we all had to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it’s plain to see he’s just going for May’s deal without the backstop.”

He added: “You have to stop being mister nice guy and call out Boris.”

The listener from Portsmouth enraged Mr Farage who launched into an attack on the Prime Minister’s Brexit plans.

He said: “I was the one person saying ‘see through all this talk and all these headline about no deal’ and I have predicted that that is exactly what Boris Johnson would do.

“By the way, I have tried to do it politely, as I tried to do with Mrs May to begin with, to point out that I felt they were going in the wrong direction.”

Mr Farage added: “But believe you me, if Boris goes whole hog on this, there will be from me absolutely no more mister nice guy. I promise you.”

This has followed rumours Mr Johnson may be planning to bring back Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement to the House of Commons.

Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement was rejected three times by the house of commons, leading to her departure from Downing Street.

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“He certainly isn’t coming clean about voting for it.”

Mr Johnson has argued he is committed to finding “alternative arrangements” for the controversial backstop policy.

He has insisted the European Union retract it from the withdrawal agreement.

EU leaders have been unwavering, claiming that unless they can settle on a practical alternative, the policy has to stay.

Last week Mr Farage aired his concerns over the potential return of a “Theresa May” type deal.

Speaking on LBC he said: “I think by mid-September, there will be an attempt between Brussels and Boris Johnson’s government to get a withdrawal agreement back on the table.

“Boris Johnson seems to think that if the backstop is removed, Theresa May’s deal is absolutely fine.

“He literally wants to change about 1% of that deal that was rejected three times by parliament.

He stated: “As somebody who wants Brexit, I do not want the withdrawal agreement that costs us £39billion, that still leaves us subject to a foreign court.

“I’m worried that we could face a Theresa May-type 2 deal.”

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