Published On: Mon, Aug 12th, 2019

Brexit News: Irish businesses urge Leo Varadkar to give in to Boris over backstop | UK | News

Irish businesses are “bewildered” by Leo Varadkar’s decision to “dig in” over the Irish backstop, which has become the biggest in reaching a Brexit deal. The Irish taoiseach is endangering his own country for the sake of EU unity, according to Tory peer Lord Marland. This follows today’s news that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has accepted an offer to meet Mr Varadkar to discuss the Northern Irish backstop.

Lord Marland told Radio 4’s The World This Weekend that there was a growing anger in Ireland directed at the Irish government’s stubborn position on Brexit.

He said: “I think the only way a deal can be done now is if the EU come back to the table with an alternative to what was offered in the first place, or to what Theresa May agreed to.

“I must say, as a businessman I found it absolutely bewildering that the Irish are digging their heels in on the backstop.

“As do, I should say, many of my Irish business friends.”

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According to the report on the BBC, Whitehall civil servants are working on an alternative to the Irish backstop ahead of the G7 summit at the end of month.

This summit will be the first time Boris Johnson will meet with Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, since he took office as Prime Minister.

However, it is expected that Mr Johnson will have met his Irish counterpart before then.

The Sunday Telegraph cites British Government sources that British Prime Minister Johnson has accepted an offer to meet Mr Varadkar to discuss Brexit and the Northern Irish backstop.

Mr Varadkar recently admitted that “we should be afraid” of a no deal Brexit taking place.

Irish businesses, like the alcohol industry, have warned that a no-deal Brexit could see Irish jobs at risk, businesses shut down and expensive ­tariffs tacked on to drinks.

A report from the Central Bank of Ireland (ICB) has also predicted that a no deal Brexit would cause an economic shock of “unprecedented nature”.

The ICB predicted that a no deal would immediately push Ireland from being the eurozone’s fastest growing economy to its slowest.

A recent opinion poll published by the Irish Independent on Sunday showed that just 43 percent of people said they were satisfied with the Irish leader’s approach to Brexit.

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