Published On: Fri, Aug 30th, 2019

Brexit news: Ireland braces for ‘chaos’ with food to run out TWO DAYS after hard exit | Politics | News

Fears over the Republic’s food supply chain being disrupted were raised this week after Boris Johnson announced he would suspend Parliament for five weeks, which critics say is a ploy to prevent MPs from thwarting his no deal plans. The latest Brexit warning came from the Freight Transport Association of Ireland, which said the country’s retailers lack the space to stockpile even a couple days’ foods to get them through the first stage of the upheaval.

Aidan Flynn, general manager of the Association, said deliveries from UK-based warehouses usually arrive with in 24 hours of orders being placed but a no deal would cause deliveries to be significantly delayed.

And he questioned how the country would cope at all when it comes to meeting the demand for bread, as the majority of the flour used by Irish bakers comes from foreign mills.

Mr Flynn told the Irish Independent: “Stores here have no space to stockpile anything, not even two days of products. They are seriously constrained.

“Everything will take days longer. And in the event of a no deal, there’s going to be absolute chaos for months.”

He added: “Cold storage and chilled warehousing is in particularly short supply.

“There certainly isn’t enough available to stockpile levels we would need to cope.”

With two months to go until the UK breaks ties with Brussels, Lidl Ireland said it was holding workshops with suppliers to prepare for a hard Brexit.

The retail giant said it was working to reduce its dependency on UK producers, turning to local suppliers to meet shoppers’ demand.

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