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Brexit news: Iain Duncan Smith exposes secret EU negotiation tactic | UK | News

Boris Johnson’s move to suspend Parliament in order to force through a no deal Brexit by October 31 was confirmed by the Queen’s Privy Council on Wednesday. The action was met with backlash from Remain-supporting MPs, with a cross-party alliance force moving to prevent a no deal Brexit. Iain Duncan Smith claimed the EU are currently “not blinking”, because they hope Remain MPs will remove the option of a no deal Brexit for them.

The former Tory leader told Sky News’ Ridge on Sunday: “Now, here’s a very interesting point. Right now, they’re not blinking. Why are they not blinking?

“Because they hope that who they privately think are the dupes in Parliament who are going to take away the no deal option from Boris if they can, that then means they don’t have to move at all.

“Because they then know Boris faces the choice of not being able to leave but having to extend.

“So the Prime Minister needs to face this down, because if they want to withdraw this they’re going to take away one of his most critical tools which is to go without a deal.

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“And the EU knows this would be enormously damaging, and they’re in recession many of those countries.”

Earlier in the interview, Sky News presenter Stephen Dixon asked: “There is an argument that says ‘if you stop a no deal you stop a good negotiation’.

“You’ve made that argument to me, I think. Would you actually want a deal? Would you really want a deal?

“I know you backed the Brady amendment when that was up, but you have changed your position somewhat since then, haven’t you?”

Mr Duncan Smith replied: “No what happened very simply was I don’t like the withdrawal agreement. I think it is a bad deal. I think we started to negotiate on bended knee and by the end of it we ended up on all fours.

“I have to tell you that is no way to run a negotiation. Why? Because we gave the EU everything they wanted, literally back in December 2017. I went to see the Prime Minister directly and say ‘don’t sign this agreement.

“You’ve given them your money, their continuing period of another two to three years locked under their rules and also the likelihood we might end up in the customs union.’ Plus all the other bits about defence. So I said ‘don’t sign this’.


“I was against the Withdrawal Agreement. The only reason I finally voted for it in the end is I feared what would happen next, and it has happened. An uproar from the public over the fact we didn’t leave on March 29, and now all this chaos.

“So the answer is get on and do it, and the reality for us is this withdrawal agreement doesn’t fly, Boris has said that, everybody agrees it, it has to have fundamental changes, he’s already proposed that. The EU has to step up to the plate.”

The comments follow EU chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, recently denying Brussels would be responsible for a no deal Brexit, and claimed “many people in the UK” would agree.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron had given Mr Johnson 30 days to find “alternative arrangements” to the Brexit backstop.

Writing in The Sunday Telegraph Mr Barnier commented: “I am not optimistic about avoiding a ‘no deal’ scenario but we should all continue to work with determination. The EU is ready to explore all avenues that the UK government may present and that are compatible with the Withdrawal Agreement. Uncertainty has festered for far too long in the UK, in particular in Northern Ireland, as well as in Ireland and all other EU countries, for that matter.”

Mr Barnier also ruled out any “mini deal” with the UK after a hard Brexit to reduce its impact.

He added Britain would still be liable for the £32billion divorce bill even if it leaves with no deal.

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