Published On: Thu, Aug 29th, 2019

Brexit News: Iain Dale says Remainers will ‘wimp out’ on Brexit on BBC Newsnight | UK | News

Iain Dale explained that he has been wavering in his expectation for a vote of no confidence to be called when Parliament returns. He claimed that he is curious as to whether Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs will “wimp out” of the opportunity but went on to explain the next issue Boris Johnson may face in attempting to deliver Brexit. While on BBC Newsnight Mr Dale claimed the Brexit Party may disrupt the Prime Minister’s Brexit plans if he attempts to rehash a similar deal to Theresa May’s.

The LBC host said: “With a majority of one a vote, of course, a vote of no confidence has a chance of succeeding.

“But I keep wavering on whether I think it will happen.

“Yesterday I thought it wouldn’t happen but today initially I thought it made it all the more likely.

“But after listening to Barry Gardiner and Jo Swinson I am thinking are they going to wimp out of doing this.

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“Because they are talking about all these legislative means that they have got up their sleeves but no one can quite work out what that would be.

“They haven’t got much time to affect this.”

Later in the interview, BBC Newsnight host Kirsty Wark raised the point that the Prime Minister has said that there will be plenty of time to discuss and debate Brexit after the Queen’s speech.

Mr Dale replied: “Well there is another aspect to this.

Mr Dale snapped: “No, I don’t think they would.

“I think there are many so-called purist in the ERG who would not do that.

“So that is a danger to the Conservative Party because if Nigel Farage says we wouldn’t support that and then there was an election following that.

“It is very difficult to see how Boris Johnson could win if the Brexit Party is fighting that election.”

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