Published On: Sat, Aug 31st, 2019

Brexit news: Hundreds of thousands of Remoaner protesters to bring Britain to a halt | Politics | News

Around 32 protests are set to kick off across the UK on Saturday alone. Anti-Brexit group Another Europe is Possible is expecting thousands of people to attend the demonstrations in London, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford, Sheffield and York this Saturday.

Last night, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn urged MPs to join left-wing campaign group Momentum who plan to “occupy bridges and blockade roads” causing travel chaos across the entirety of the UK.

National organiser for Another Europe is Possible and activist for Momentum Michael Chessum said that disruption is the only “leverage” protesters can use.

He told The Times: “These protests will be unpredictable.

“We will organise the rallies but then what people do is anybody’s guess.

“There are a lot of passionate and angry people and we cannot just persuade Boris Johnson nicely that what he is doing is wrong.

“We are encouraging civil disobedience, in whatever form that takes.

“It might mean shutting down bridges it might mean marching to Buckingham Palace and protesting the Queen.

“We are against Brexit but this protest is uniting people from all over the spectrum — it’s not just Remainers, it’s people who support Brexit but disagree with what Boris Johnson is doing.

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Remainers have said a “mass uprising” is needed to “stop the coup”.

So far, only 10,000 people have pledged to attend the protests but Remainers hope hundreds of thousands will turn up on the day.

Mr Chessum also hopes the protests will grow “exponentially”, according to

Smaller protests are also set to take place next week with Google Maps detailing more than 40 protests.

Friday saw a flash protest take place in Leeds by campaign group Leeds for Europe, with over 1,000 people expected to have attended.

Another Europe is Possible spokesperson Ana Oppenheim also said the UK needed “civil disobedience” in order to stop Mr Johnson shutting down Parliament until October 14.

She said: “Boris Johnson thinks he can get away with shutting down democracy and implementing a policy, no deal Brexit, which will wreck communities and undermine our rights.

“We can’t rely on parliament or the courts to stop him on their own – every single one of us needs to stand up and be counted. We need mass protests, civil disobedience and a democratic uprising. Everything is at stake.”

Mr Johnson said this week that Parliament will re-open with a Queen’s speech on October 14.

The Prime Minister has insisted that the move is not a way of preventing MPs from blocking a no deal Brexit before October 31.

He said the Queen’s speech would allow his new government to bring forward an “exciting agenda” of new legislation.

More than a million people have signed a petition calling on Mr Johnson not to suspend Parliament.

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