Published On: Thu, Aug 29th, 2019

Brexit news: Gina Miller launches new legal challenge against Johnson’s ‘illegal’ ploy | UK | News

said her legal team has applied to the High Court to have their case against the decision to suspend Parliament ahead of . Prime Minister on Wednesday was granted permission to keep MPs out of Westminster between September 11 and October 14, effectively cutting off the number of days available to debate plans to ensure Britain does not leave the without a deal.She seemed to be saying she wasn’t against the proroguing of Parliament which she admitted was an entirely legal process. But she said she was against “the effects” of proroguing Parliament – leaving listeners scratching their heads over what exactly the difference was. Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today, Ms Miller said: “Because in our present constitution sovereignty belongs to Parliament, it is the view of myself and my legal team that the advice to Her Majesty to prorogue Parliament with the intention of effectively reducing Parliament’s ability to legislate at this crucial time is unlawful.

“It obviously differs from the advice the Prime Minister and the executive have received, and there are many different views.

“We are approaching the Court for an urgent judicial review, bearing in mind the time of September 9 approaching rather swiftly, to ask their permission first and then to listen to our arguments against the fact that we think this request is illegal.”

The anti-Brexit campaigner, who rose to prominence in 2016 after challenging the Government over the role MPs should have had in the Brexit process, admitted the Prime Minister does to suspend Parliament but claiming she wanted to challenge the “effect” the decision would have on parliamentary business.

She continued: “That is not in dispute, the Prime Minister does have the power to do that. It is not the act of prorogation we are challenging.

“It’s the intention and the effect of prorogation which would be, in this use, to actually close down and fetter Parliament at a time when Parliament is expressing their will to sit.

“We must remember very crucially that there is normally a vote in Parliament before they rise for conference season and that vote has not happened yet.”

Ms Miller also suggested some members of Parliament are considering to use the vote before suspension to demand they are allowed to sit during the conference period.

She added: “There are many MPs who are expressing the intention to ask in that vote to either sit in conference season or to at least sit in a couple of days of it.”

“It is, as one official says, a chess game or high stake poker game.

“It is certainly a possibility here and people are trying to work on what this means for that crucial meeting of EU leaders in mid-October.”

Mr Peel suggested the EU could be interested in making it seem as if the Prime Minister had “claimed a victory” over the bloc if that ensured a deal will be struck.

The correspondent claimed an EU diplomat had admitted Mr Johnson’s decision had raised the stakes even further for the EU leaders’ summit scheduled for October 17.

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