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Brexit news: Gina Miller grilled by Sky host as she moves to halt no deal | UK | News

Prime Minister has said he will deliver Brexit by the end of October this year, “do or die”, despite wanting a deal with the EU. Speaking on Sky News, Gina Miller, the campaigner who won a High Court case against the Government over the involvement of Parliament in Britain’s departure from the bloc, insisted that Mr Johnson could not prorogue Parliament to push through a no deal . Ms Miller also claimed her team would go back and “seek the reassurance” to ensure that MPs will not be stopped in passing legislation to halt a no deal exit.

Speaking on Sky News, host Stephen Dixon, said: “One thing the Prime Minister has made it very clear about is the idea he wants a new deal. In effect, he is going to the EU saying ‘give us a free trade deal’, or we are going to leave anyway.

“The more you do to rule out the possibility, through legal means, and the more MPs do to rule out the possibility of a no deal Brexit, you just undermine his position don’t you? In trying to actually get the sort of deal he thinks will be good for this country.”

Ms Miller replied: “No, because they are two different things. One is leaving, in a way, that if we do leave it is not no deal.

“The second part which is a difficult bit we haven’t even started is negotiating the future relationship.

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“Mixing the two things up is not how the process works so they are two separate things. One is leaving and the other is negotiating over – if we were going to get a deal, over the next two years or so, to get that future relationship.”

The Sky News host insisted that taking “no deal off the table” is “weakening” the hand of the Prime Minister.

Ms Miller replied: “I don’t know who he is negotiating with because there is nobody sitting in the Commission until November.

“There is a lot of bluster and propaganda going on here. From our point of view, we have taken one off the table, prorogation is not one they can use, now we have to look at all the other issues and see whether the Prime Minister is actually working within the law.”

It comes after the Government appeared to concede that the Prime Minister will not be able to prorogue Parliament to force through a no deal Brexit.

In response to a legal letter from Ms Miller the Government’s lawyers have suggested Parliament will not be suspended in the period leading up to Britain’s exit from the bloc at the end of October.

During the interview on Sky News, Ms Miller said: “What they have said is unequivocally they accept to close down Parliament to bypass them in terms of stopping a no deal Brexit is illegal so without having to go to court they have conceded, we have basically called their bluff.”

Commenting on whether a no deal Brexit could be stopped, Ms Miller said: “Well while they have given this reassurance of no prorogation of Parliament, one of the central tenants in my letter to the Prime Minister, was to say, if you deny MPs the ability to pass legislation to stop no deal, that would be contrary to Parliament’s sovereignty.

“We will be going back again to seek that reassurance, amongst others, that they will allow Parliament to pass legislation to stop no deal”.

She added: “At the moment Parliament has to find a way, instruments and ways of ensuring they can pass that legislation, scrutinising, which is what the Government letter confirmed, that Parliament will be able to scrutinise and examine all options when it comes to exiting, is not the same as giving them the ability to pass legislation.

“Because we already have in legislation the 31 October is our exit day, they need to pass other legislation to prevent no deal or to change that date, or ask for an extension.

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“Forgetting about who is going to be king of the castle in a Union Government, this letter shows MPs really have to concentrate in ensuring they have that opportunity and we will go back to make sure MPs are given that opportunity via further legal assurances.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to deliver Brexit by the end of October “come what may”, with the Tory Party leader demanding changes to the withdrawal agreement before the UK re-enters discussions with the EU.

The Brussels bloc has refused to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement, and stood firm against ejecting the controversial backstop mechanism within the deal.

The Prime Minister is yet to meet EU leaders since taking over from Theresa May, but Mr Johnson will travel to Paris and Berlin next week to meet Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel for crunch Brexit talks.

The meeting will take place ahead of the G7 summit in Biarritz, with the clock counting down to Britain’s departure from the bloc on October 31.

It comes as a leaked Yellowhammer dossier has revealed scenario, despite it being three years since the UK voted the leave the bloc.

Forecasts set out by the Cabinet Office suggest the most likely aftershocks of a no deal Brexit, and warn the ports may be thrown into chaos amid the departure.

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