Published On: Tue, Sep 24th, 2019

Brexit news: Fox leads calls for ‘loser’ Jeremy Corbyn to back a general election | Politics | News

The leading Brexiteer issued a shocking ultimatum in the Daily Telegraph, stating that there either needs to be a general election or the Government needs to implement the result of the referendum. He said that allowing a general election would be a “proper people’s vote”.

Dr Fox added: “Either Parliament gets serious about implementing the result of the referendum without the party political games that have bedevilled the past three years or it decides to have a proper people’s vote and allow a general election to create a new House of Commons.”

The former Cabinet minister also issued a stern warning to Mr Corbyn saying that now is the Labour leader’s “moment of truth”.

The Tory MP for North Somerset branded Mr Corbyn both a “hypocrite” and a “loser” if he were to vote against a General Election again.

He said: “It is the moment of truth for Jeremy Corbyn.

“Having twice failed to support Boris Johnson’s vote for an election in the Commons, he now stands to appear both a hypocrite and a loser if he ducks the challenge again.”

Dr Fox also said those who are trying to support democracy are actually trying to block the decision of the British people to leave the EU.

He branded those railroading the referendum result as “anti-democrats” who dress up as democrats.

He said: “Many of those who claim to be championing democracy are in fact at the heart of a huge and well funded campaign, inside and outside Parliament, to try to reverse or block the democratic decision of the British people to leave the European Union.

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He said: “We must not allow partisan views on the European debate to obscure our need to celebrate and bolster British democracy both in the eyes of the British people and the rest of the world.”

It comes as the Labour leader has been warned that his party will be defeated in a general election over their Brexit stance.

Mr Corbyn was warned that due to the party’s unclear stance, it could be crushed by other parties.

The warnings come amid a full-scale revolt as senior figures argued that Mr Corbyn’s apparent fence-sitting will plunge the Labour party into a landslide defeat.

Longstanding Corbyn supporter, Emily Thornberry, the shadow foreign secretary, said Labour would lose 30 per cent of its vote if it did not embrace Remain in all circumstances.

Several other senior figures within the party were also vocal in their condemnation of Mr Corbyn’s lack of leadership over Brexit.

The fresh internal conflict came following news on Friday night that Mr Corbyn’s close aide, John Lansom, had devised a plan to oust Tom Watson, Labour’s deputy Prime Minister, from the party.

Mr Corbyn will table a motion stating Labour would hold a second referendum if it won power but would not decide whether it would back Leave or Remain until after the next election.

However, Mr Watson told members: “Labour is a Remain party and we need to make this official …. Neutral is simply not an option.”

Mr Corbyn has justified his reason and defended his plan to go into a general election without saying if he would commit to campaign to remain in the EU in the referendum he is promising.

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