Published On: Fri, Aug 23rd, 2019

Brexit news: EU strategy exposed as British MEP demands UK leave with no deal | UK | News

The Party MEP insisted the has “no good intentions” towards Britain as he urged the British Government to leave the bloc with a free trade agreement instead of a Brexit deal. Mr Wells claimed Brussels is seeking to keep the UK closely aligned to institutions like the single market and the customs union to limit potential competition against EU-based businesses. Speaking to RT UK, the British MEP said: “There’s a simple option here and that’s we agree with the EU to negotiate a free trade agreement and then we use Article 24 of GATT to have a standstill and then nothing will be an issue.

But if Britain quits the bloc without an agreement Article 24 will not be applicable and the UK will fall back on WTO rules without GATT 24 as the specific article requires the two parties to have either struck a deal or have agreed to a timeline to draft one.

Talks with Brussels have been derailed over their refusal to budge on the need for an inside the divorce deal despite Britain insisting such a policy would not be required to ensure no hard border is reinstated on the island of Ireland.

The EU has repeatedly said the negotiations have concluded but would be open to more talks if the British Government put forward plans for “alternative solutions” to the backstop.

Mr Wells continued: “There is no need for there to be any problem on the Irish border, there are solutions.

A similar scheme would allow businesses to cut down on paperwork and avoid routine customs checks at the border.

The Commission’s findings also included checking food and animal exports away from the border and putting in place tax breaks and a free trade zone for Irish towns close to the border.

The Irish backstop emerged as the key point of contention during the negotiations over concerns the policy could be used to keep the UK closely aligned to the single market and the customs union despite Brexit.

The clause, which would only be triggered as an insurance mechanism should no alternative arrangements be agreed during negotiations on the UK’s future relationship with the bloc, would see Northern Ireland following a different set of trade rules compared to Britain.

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