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Brexit news: EU exit under attack from remain no deal opponents claims Toby Young | UK | News

The warning was made by journalist and writer Toby Young, associate editor of online conservative magazine Quillette and columnist for The Spectator. Mr Young also suggested Leave supporters should be encouraged to vote tactically for pro-Brexit candidates should there be a General Election before we leave the EU. However he expressed confidence that if there’s another Brexit referendum Leave would win by an even bigger margin.

Speaking to Mr Young said: “I think British democracy has been under assault for the last three years.

“Lots of the participants in the EU referendum debate on the remain side said that it was a one off and that all sides would be bound by the result – there’s video evidence of them saying that.

“After they lost they changed their minds which shows I think a contempt for democracy and a contempt for the British people.

“The vast majority of MPs voted to trigger Article 50 knowing that meant we’d have to leave at the end of the article 50 process, deal or no deal.

“Now some of them appear to have changed their minds. Having stood on a platform in the 2017 general election of honouring the referendum result it seems to me that they can’t go back on it.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to take Britain out of the EU on October 31 with or without a formal exit deal.

However opposition parties and some of his own backbenchers are vowing to block him in Parliament.

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This could trigger a General Election either before Brexit takes place, or immediately afterwards.

Mr Young argued Brexiteers from different parties should cooperate to ensure success in any vote.

He asserted: “If there is a General Election before we’ve left there has to be some kind of alliance between Brexit supporting factions within each of the major political parties including the Labour Party.

“I don’t think there can be a formal pact between the Brexit Party and the Conservative Party.

“But I think there could be a grassroots bottom up tactical voting alliance, something like what the People’s Vote campaign say they want to organise.”

“There ought to be an equivalent campaign on the Brexit side which tells people this is the Brexit supporting candidate you should vote for in this constituency if you want us to leave on October 31.”

Remain campaigners are believed to be creating a cross-party alliance, which would see some Remain supporting candidates fall down in some seats.

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The Liberal Democrats won the Brecon by-election earlier this month after the Green Party and Plaid Cymru stood down their candidates to boost the anti-Brexit cause.

Remain backing MPs and parties have been discussing formalising this relationship for any General Election.

Mr Young warned the Eurosceptic vote could be split between the Conservatives and Brexit Party, allowing an anti-Brexit coalition to take power.

He asserted: “If there is a General Election before we’ve left and if the Brexit Party field candidates in enough constituencies its possible the division amongst the Brexit supporting voters will allow a minority of Remain supporting voters to come up through the middle.

“I think the way to mitigate that is to create some kind of tactical voting alliance that has an authoritative figure promoting it, a really good website, a really good grassroots campaign that can tell people which candidate they should vote for in their constituency if they want to guarantee that we leave on October 31.”

The Labour Party has pledged to hold another Brexit referendum on any Conservative deal, during which it will campaign for Remain.

A number of senior Labour figures including Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott have vowed to campaign for Remain regardless of what happens.

However Mr Young suggested another referendum could see Brexit win an even bigger margin.

He stated: “If there was a second referendum I think that the remainers would probably do worse than they did three years ago.

“A lot of the arguments that people on the leave side were making then that were disputed by the remainers, such as the federal project is alive and well, the people running the EU want there to be a united states of Europe, they want to create an EU army, would be much harder to dispute now.

“I also think that the EU have behaved so badly during the three year period since we voted to leave, and have treated us with such contempt and have offered us such a poor deal, that that will have persuaded some people who did vote remain in 2016 that actually we don’t want to be part of this club anymore.”

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