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Brexit news: EU exit remain opponents attacked by Brexiteer Suzanne Evans over no deal | UK | News

The comments were made by Suzanne Evans, formerly deputy chair of UKIP and a campaigner with the pro-Brexit ‘Leavers of Britain’ group. She also warned the Conservative Party could be “finished” unless it delivers Brexit as promised. Boris Johnson has vowed to take Britain out of the EU on October 31 with or without an exit deal.

There are concerns MPs in Parliament could attempt to block a no deal exit forcing a General Election.

Speaking to Ms Evans said: “Parliament really did frustrate the process they are taking a tell of a risk with democracy.

“If after all this time there isn’t a deal with the EU and Parliament somehow pulls some nasty little trick out of the bag to stop Brexit I think there’s going to be a massive revolt.

“I’m not talking about a violent revolt, I’m talking about a political revolt against Parliament.

“Almost since day one post the referendum, it has been Parliament versus the people.

“We’ve seen how Parliament has behaved particularly in the last couple of years and for us Brexiteers it’s been atrocious.

“Absolutely atrocious the extent to which they’re prepared to go in order to undermine democracy.

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“If a General Election is forced before October 31 then I think it will be Parliament versus the people and I think Boris will win, there’s no doubt about that.”

Ms Evans was head of UKIP’s policy committee, as well as its health spokesperson, until June 2017.

She stood for the UKIP leadership in October 2016, coming second after winner Paul Nuttall.

Ukip performed poorly in the May European Parliament elections losing all its seats, as much of its vote was swept up by Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.

Ms Evans argued that both the Conservative and Labour parties are facing “an existential crisis” over Brexit.

She commented: “The Conservative Party’s future depends I earnestly believe on delivering Brexit.

“I think if Boris does not take us out of the European Union, the Brexit Party will clean up and the Conservative Party is finished.

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“Jeremy Corbyn seems to stand firm on all kinds of principles that I simply think are unconscionable and yet Brexit seems to be the one he has capitulated on.

“It might appeal to Jeremy Corbyn’s constituents in Islington but 5 million Labour voters voted leave.

“That’s a massive electorate to turn your back on so I think the Labour Party is also facing an existential crisis as well because it has so totally lost touch with its grassroots.”

Conservative backbencher Ken Clarke has said he could head an anti-Brexit cross-party Government to prevent the UK leaving with no deal on October 31.

He was originally suggested, along with Labour’s Harriet Harman, as a possible temporary Prime Minister.

The Liberal Democrats are refusing to back Labour’s plan and make Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister for this period.

Ms Evans claimed the 2016 Brexit vote shocked Britain’s political establishment.

She asserted: “People have been driven mad by Brexit.

“It really upset the ruling class, it really upset the Europhile elite, to a really quite astonishing degree.

“I think it shows just how out of touch they were with opinions in the country.

“The majority of people wanted to leave the European Union and they just didn’t realise it.”

Parliament is due to return on September 3 for what is expected to be a highly contentious session.

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