Published On: Fri, Sep 6th, 2019

Brexit news: Emily Thornberry blasted over ‘illogical’ policy to stay in EU | UK | News

was ridiculed for the “very confusing” admission she would back Remain if the put their own deal to the popular vote. The Opposition insisted they would negotiate a new arrangement with the to present to the people instead of Theresa May’s proposal. But Ms Thornberry’s comments were soon to be challenged on social media by users confused about the logic of her position, with one member of the public writing on Twitter: “Labour will negotiate a deal with the EU then Emily Thornberry will campaign to reject it. Common sense approach there…”

Another said: “Emily Thornberry struggling to provide a clear, logical answer on #r4today to questions about Labour’s EU policy. Very confusing.”

One user vented her frustration on the social media platform, commenting: “So…@ is renegotiating a deal, Parliament scuppers it, don’t allow a GE, attempt to delay Brexit again and @EmilyThornberry tells us that she will campaign for remain #goingnowhere.”

And another BBC Radio 4’s Today programme listener added: “I was struggling to keep up with the Labour policy on Brexit & thanks to Emily Thornberry for explaining it so clearly.

“It seems they now support Brexit with a deal and would then challenge their own agreement by having a 2nd Referendum to produce another result they can ignore.”

Another listener said: “I think I just heard Emily Thornberry say “we are deferential to the will of the people” if that’s the case why are we still in the EU?”

Ms Thornberry specified on the BBC flagship programme her comments related to her personal position, saying the Labour Party will decide its position with a vote at a later date.

The shadow Foreign Secretary said: “This is subject to a close-five process – we are a big old democratic party – but on the basis of what Jeremy has said there would be a referendum and it would be for the good sense of the British people to decide which sense we went forward.

“We want to look after jobs and the economy, we want to be true democrats, we need to make sure that if we are left in a situation whereby Labour negotiated a deal with jobs and the economy at the forefront of our minds and we put that as one option, and the other being one to remain, I personally would be there to campaign to remain.”

Newsnight’s political editor pointed out that Mr Johnson could still “cancel out” any extension to Brexit by refusing to appoint a European Commissioner which would breach EU membership and mean the UK could be kicked out of the bloc.

He said: “He sends the letter stipulated in the act requesting an extension but then he comes up with a wheeze to cancel it out.

“One idea could be something along the lines of keeping to his existing policy which is not to nominate a European Commissioner.

“That’s fine now as we are due to leave on October 31, not fine after October 31.

“Under the every member state has to have a commissioner to make it lawful so the EU could say you are in breach of your membership you are out.”

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