Published On: Thu, Aug 29th, 2019

Brexit news: ‘Courageous’ Boris Johnson praised for ‘delivering will of people’ | World | News

The decision to prorogue parliament shows the “courage of a leader who is, in a legal manner, delivering on the will of the people,” Mr Philippot said on Twitter, before slamming lawmakers’ “spirit of betrayal”.  “The anti-Brexit campaigners currently denouncing a so-called attack on democracy” are the same people who have spent the last three years calling for a second referendum, he said in a second tweet published on Thursday morning. Mr Philippot, leader of the nationalist Les Patriotes party, has repeatedly called for a French referendum on European Union membership, and supported a Brexit vote he hopes can still boost his own anti-EU agenda. 

The decision to set a new date for a state opening of parliament was Mr Johnson’s boldest move yet to take the country out of the bloc by October 31 with or without a divorce deal. 

The suspension of parliament, which was approved by the Queen, limits the time opponents have to derail a disorderly no-deal Brexit. 

However, it also increases the chance the new premier could face a vote of no-confidence in his government, and possibly a snap election. 

The Privy Council confirmed in a statement that Parliament would be suspended sometime between September 9 and September 12, until October 14. 

As head of state, the monarch is politically neutral and acts on the advice of her prime minister.

In an effort to ward off a furious backlash, Mr Johnson told reporters later on Wednesday there would be “ample time in parliament for MPs to debate the EU, to debate Brexit and all the other issues”.  

Asked whether he was trying to block lawmakers from delaying Britain’s divorce from the EU bloc, he replied: “That is completely untrue.” 

The move, he argued, will allow his government to press on with its domestic agenda. 

The Brexit gamble was welcomed by Brexiteers, but also by America’s protectionist leader Donald Trump, who said: “Boris is exactly what the UK has been looking for.” 

However, the decision to limit parliamentary scrutiny weeks before Brexit prompted an immediate outcry among MPs, who are fighting to prevent Mr Johnson from pulling the UK out of the EU without a transition deal in place to cushion the blow. 

Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow accused the prime minister of committing a “constitutional outrage” and said the country’s democratic process was at risk.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said suspending parliament was “not acceptable” and pledged to call a no-confidence vote “at some point”.

 With just over two months to go until exit day, it is still unclear on what terms Britain will leave the EU. 

Mr Johnson says he wants to agree to a divorce deal with Brussels but needs the bloc to change its stance on a key sticking point over the Irish border first. 

EU leaders have repeatedly refused to reopen Brexit talks, insisting that the deal struck with his predecessor Theresa May late last year is the best and only one possible.  

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