Published On: Fri, Sep 6th, 2019

Brexit News: Claire Fox reveals Boris’ secret gamble to stay in power in election | UK | News

The Brexit Party’s Claire Fox argued that at this late stage in the Brexit process no new deal could be agreed by October 31. She added that as a general election has been prevented Boris Johnson may attempt to bring Theresa May’s Brexit deal back to Parliament. This would allow Mr Johnson to avoid a no deal Brexit, maintain his Brexit promise to leave the European Union by October 31 and keep his job as Prime Minister.

However, Claire Fox insisted that this would be a ‘disaster’ for the UK and would not satisfy Brexiteers.

While on Sky News she said: “There should be an election because we now know what is at stake on either side.

“If it is the case that the electorate, the voters, don’t want anything to do with Boris Johnson or the possibility of a no-deal Brexit then they are going to vote accordingly.

“Then Boris Johnson and the Tories will be out.

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“Of course, I think the mood beyond Westminster is to absolutely support getting Brexit over the line before the October 31 deadline.

“Therefore I think we should have an election, and I might lose, there might be no seats in it for me.”

Sky News’ Adam Boulton remarked that the “Brexit Party had one interpretation of Brexit, which is the clean Brexit.”

Ms Fox interrupted to say: “First of all it is where we are at now.

“So consequently I think it is a clean break now or we risk it all together.”

Boris Johnson has been dealt a new blow after the House of Lords passed a bill which aims to block a no-deal Brexit on October 31 – forcing the Prime Minister to seek a delay to the UK’s exit from the European Union.

The legislation, which requires Boris Johnson to ask the European Union for a three-month extension if Parliament has not approved either a Brexit deal or consented to leaving without agreement by October 19, is expected to be signed into law by the Queen on Monday.

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