Published On: Fri, Sep 27th, 2019

Brexit News: Britains voice their fury over ‘traitors and disgraceful’ Remainer MPs | UK | News

The Supreme Court ruling this week that Boris Johnson’s proroguing of Parliament was unlawful has sparked fury across the UK for some Brexiteers. BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme highlighted some of this outrage as reporter Manveen Rana spoke to Leave supporters across the country. Many Brexiteers savagely criticised MPs in Parliament who they felt had betrayed the UK and the vote in the referendum.

Ms Rana was in Bishop Auckland speaking to Brexiteers as one said: “MPs, traitors and betrayal and surrender.”

Another Bishop Auckland resident said: “There are so many traitors in Parliament.”

The reporter then cut to the views of people in West London’s Uxbridge and Dudley.

One enraged Brexiteer said: “Parliament needs to do what the people want.”

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While another added: “Burn them all, like Guy Fawkes.”

Author and Professor Gregory Philo reflected on the current political climate and the intense language used surrounding Brexit.

He said: “In all the research that I have done over the last 40 years.

“I have really never seen these levels of hysteria in public debate like this.

“The politicians do have a responsibility, what they do very much stir up the possibilities of action which is really appalling.”

“In my pub, I hear people using language that is a lot worse than treachery.

“This week, in particular, has seen a real increase in anger and frustration.”

The BBC reporter then spoke to a Brexiteer angered by the Supreme Courts decision that Boris Johnson’s prorogation was unlawful.

He said: “We want out definitely and what is happening at the moment with the politicians and Labour Party, liberals and the Supreme Court judges, are all Remainers.”

The reporter then challenged the Brexiteer by insisting that we do not know which way that the judges voted in the referendum.

He replied: “Every single one of them has ruled that Boris Johnson was wrong, as far as we are concerned he was right.”

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