Published On: Wed, Sep 4th, 2019

Brexit news: Boris Johnson ready to oust Brexit betrayer Bercow after no deal vote | UK | News

Mr Bercow has been a constant thorn in the side of Brexiteers and has on many occasions intervened to hinder his own party. According to The Daily Telegraph, the Tories will plan to replace Mr Bercow with a Brexiteer to take on the constituency of Buckingham in Buckinghamshire.

Such has been his apparent efforts to go against Brexiteers within his own party, that one member of the Buckingham Conservative Association said that Mr Bercow “serves at his own pleasure”.

Although the Conservative Party will look to replace Mr Bercow, the move could also allow other parties to contest the position.

Former, deputy speaker Natascha Engel, who lost her seat in the 2017 snap election also attacked the Speaker as she insisted that he had “invented new rules” and wanting to switch from “impartial referee to partisan player-manager”.

The news of the potential removal of Mr Bercow comes as Boris Johnson received a blow to his no deal Brexit plans on Tuesday night.

Mr Johnson lost the vote 328-301 as a pack of 21 rebel Tory MPs voted against their own party.

Following that defeat, Mr Johnson announced that he would present a motion calling for a general election in the wake of the Commons vote.

Mr Johnson said: “The Leader of the Opposition has been begging for an election for two years, he has crowds of supporters outside calling for an election.

“I don’t want an election but if MPs vote tomorrow to stop negotiations and compel another pointless delay to Brexit – potentially for years – then that would be the only way to resolve this.

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If the snap election motion is passed, it is likely that the vote will be held on October 14 ahead of the current EU exit date of October 31.

In another revelation following the vote, a raft of Conservative MPs have allegedly been deselected from the party.

According to Sebastian Payne of the Financial Times, broke the news of the removal of the group of MPs which included Philip Hammond, Ken Clarke and grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, Nicholas Soames.

A source told Mr Payne: “Tonight’s decisive result is the first step in a process to avert an undemocratic and damaging No Deal.

“No 10 have responded by removing the whip from two former chancellors, a former lord chancellor and Winston Churchill’s grandson.”

Mr Hammond had been Chancellor for three years and served throughout the entirety of Theresa May’s tenure.

Mr Hammond was, however, removed from Parliament after Mr Johnson became Prime Minister.

The bold move means that both Mr Clarke and Mr Soames will no longer serve as MPs for the first time since 1970 and 1983 respectively.

One source close to the rebel Tory group said: “What has happened to the Conservative Party?”

Earlier in the day, Mr Johnson suffered another loss as former Tory MP Phillip Lee defected to the Liberal Democrats.

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