Published On: Thu, Aug 22nd, 2019

Brexit news: Boris Johnson mocks Macron ahead of Brexit showdown – ‘We make YOUR railways’ | UK | News

Speaking in a joint press conference in Paris, Boris Johnson called on the French President to “deepen the friendship and partnership” between France and the UK as soon as possible. The Prime Minister claimed there was no need to wait for the Brexit deadline to start negotiating the future relationship between the two countries and reminded Emmanuel Macron French railways are produced in the UK. He said: “Just as French buses ply the streets of London thanks to the unique openness of the UK economy, it is also a stunning fact that your beautiful TGVs run on steel railways are made by British steel. Not a lot of people know that. In fact, the British Ambassador didn’t know that. I just told him.”

The Prime Minister added: “I’m proud to say that in spite of some of the negative predictions over the last three years, our capital city in London remains one of the biggest Frenc cities on earth.

“And long may it so remain. And I know that of course, the President will want to treasure and support the hundreds of thousands of British citizens living here in France as much as we in the UK will treasure and support the 3.2 million EU nationals including French citizens in our country.

“So let’s get Brexit done, let’s get it done sensibly and pragmatically in the interest of both sides and let’s not wait until October the 31st.

“Let’s get on now in deepening and intensifying the friendship and partnership between us.”

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It comes after French President Emmanuel Macron launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Boris Johnson last night.

The French leader said the special relationship would come at “the cost of a historic vassalisation” as the United States would not compensate for the cost of Brexit.

He insisted the British people did not vote for their country to become a subsidiary of President Donald Trump when they opted to leave the European Union.

Mr Macron has met Boris Johnson for the first time today in Paris for their first face-to-face Brexit showdown before the G7 summit this weekend.

The Prime Minister has called for Brussels to instead accept an alternative solution and a legal commitment to ensure there are no customs checks on the border after Brexit.

But Mr Macron said the EU would continue to refuse any renegotiations of the withdrawal agreement, even though the House of Commons has rejected it three times.

He said: “Why won’t we accept it? It’s simple: because what Boris Johnson suggests in his letter to President Tusk is to choose between the integrity of the single market and respecting the Good Friday Agreement.

“We won’t choose between the two. We won’t jeopardise peace in Ireland, that would be one of the consequences of dropping the so-called backstop.”

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