Published On: Wed, Sep 25th, 2019

Brexit news: Boris hits back at Blackford over Brexit – ‘High taxing, fish abandoning’ SNP | Politics | News

Mr Blackford said Mr Johnson “cannot pick and choose when it comes to the law”. He also blasted the “despicable” language from the Prime Minister and said his position is “no longer tenable” after his prorogation of Parliament was deemed unlawful by the Supreme Court. He said: “The prime minister fought the law, but the law won.”


He added that Parliament needed to remove Prime Minister Boris Johnson and eliminate the threat of a no-deal Brexit before it would agree to hold a national election.

He said: “Once we have removed the prime minister, removed the threat of no deal, the people must have their say through a general election as quickly as is possible.” 

He also said Mr Johnson should “show some respect for the judiciary”.

In response to Blackford, the Prime Minister said: “The reason why I want a Queen’s Speech and wanted a Queen’s Speech is because we have to do what we can as a United Kingdom to remedy the waste and incompetence of the high-taxing, fish-abandoning government of the SNP in Scotland.”

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