Published On: Sun, Sep 1st, 2019

Brexit news: BBC’s Marr lashes out at Keir Starmer – ‘Hamstringing Boris’ | UK | News

Boris Johnson’s move to suspend Parliament in order to force through a no deal Brexit by October 31 was confirmed by the Queen’s Privy Council on Wednesday. The action was met with backlash from Remain-supporting MPs, with a cross-party alliance force moving to prevent a no deal Brexit. BBC host Andrew Marr  confronted Keir Starmer on the plan, claiming he could be “undermining” and “hamstringing” Boris Johnson’s negotiations with the EU.

Speaking on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, the presenter pointed out: “As you know, his argument is very strongly that he’s engaged in this negotiation with the EU, he wants a deal.

“Trying to get a deal requires the EU to believe that Britain will leave without a deal if necessary at the end of October.

“And by doing this, you are undermining him, hamstringing him and making no deal more likely not less.”

The Shadow Brexit Secretary replied: “Andrew let’s test that theory and you’ve got Michael Gove coming on in a minute.

“Chancellor Merkel and Simon Coveney on behalf of the Irish Government it said, no proposal has been put on the table by this Prime Minister at all. There’s nothing.”

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BBC’s Marr interjected: “So we need to know what the basis of the deal is.”

The Labour MP for Holborn and St Pancras said: “He’s not been trying for a deal, he’s not even trying.

“Ask Michael Gove ‘has anything been put on the table in negotiations?’ The Prime Minister has been Prime Minister for six weeks.”

The BBC presenter questioned: “If they think he’s hanging by a thread and it’s about to be cut, why would they give him anything?”

Mr Starmer responded: “He’s not been trying for a deal, he’s not even trying.

“They are finalising their plans but they haven’t yet totally finalised them. The idea is to have a surgical strike to change the law to outlaw an exit from the EU without a deal.

“The thinking is that the speaker will grant an emergency debate on Tuesday and that will result in a vote.

“And if it is passed that will allow this group to take control of the Commons business on Wednesday which would mean that Sajid Javid would struggle to have his spending review and the idea then is that you would change the law.

“One idea that is doing the rounds is that you literally have a one-line amendment to the withdrawal act saying that the UK can only leave the EU with a deal.

“The idea is that you have got to keep it simple and short and the reason for that is that it needs to be legally fireproof.

“The only way you will get Tories is if yes you block no-deal but you keep the route open to a deal.”

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